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The clothing you would wear while swimming is the definition of swimming out.

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Q: What is the meaning of swimming out?
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What is the meaning for swimming?

Largely to avoid drowning.

What is the meaning of Taranjeet Kaur?

swimming champion

What is the word meaning a fish swimming upstream?

anadromous (as opposed to catadromous)

Does the bugle call swimming have a meaning?

The swimming bugle call indicates either the beginning of swim period or for cavalry to swim their horses across a body of water.

What is the meaning of the term plankton?

Plankton refers to usually small organisms which are incapable of swimming against the current, meaning that they can't swim, only float.

What is the present progressive tense of swim?

I am swimming. You/we/they are swimming. He/she/it is swimming.

What type of exercise is swimming?

Hi! Swimming is a great cardio exercise. You can lose and lot of weight and gain muscle in its place. Many people do cross-training as well, meaning that outside of swimming they usually go to the gym or lift weights. Swimming is a wonderful exercise for the body. Thanks,

What is the meaning of Atlanta?

A genus of small glassy heteropod mollusks found swimming at the surface in mid ocean. See Heteropod.

Does swimming rhyme with winning?

No. They are close rhymes, meaning they almost rhyme, but are not exact rhymes. The words that rhyme with swimming would need the letter M in them and the words that rhyme with winning would need the letter N in them.

What meaning for you concept status may be property like your own lioness in the garden with fountain and swimming pool?


Which olympic sport has a finish line that is never crossed?


What is the meaning of locomotion movement?

locomotion refers to the movement of organism from one place to another. ex. walking, running, swimming, etc. ruchi

What is the meaning of recreational activities?

The meaning of recreational activities are the activities that one engages in for fun when they are not working. Some of them may include nature walks, cycling, swimming, hiking and so much more.

Where did he do swimming?

He went swimming in a swimming :)

Is swimming in the sea healthier than swimming in the swimming pool?

One is not necessarily more healthy than another, because it depends on the sea and it depends on the swimming pool. Ocean conditions vary tremendously depending on the weather, currents, and other variables. When evaluating the health of a swimming pool, you need to look at how well it's maintained. A sanitized swimming pool (usually with chlorine) that is balanced (meaning pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, etc.) is safe for swimming. If the pool hasn't been properly sanitized and balanced, swimmers are vulnerable to ear and eye infections and other problems caused by bacteria and other contaminants in the pool.

What is the pitch in swimming?

a swimming pool a swimming pool

Is Synchronised Swimming like normal swimming?

no, swimming is a real sport, syncronised swimming isn't

Is the sentence are you good in swimming correct?

well it is correct but the grammar is wrong instead say "are you good at swimming" they both mean the same but this sentence a correct pronunciation.No. We say we are good at something if we mean that we do it well. The sentence "You are good in swimming" might be correct, but only if "swimming" is the name of a course of study, just as we might say "You are good in French," meaning you get get high marks in French class.

Floating in swimming?

Floating is not swimming,yet it is a step to swimming.

What is the momentum in swimming?

The part where you are swimming.

What is an adjective for swimming?

Swimming can be an adjective, e.g. swimming trunks, or 'a swimming head'. However, it can also be a noun, e.g. 'the sport of swimming', or a verb, 'the boy was swimming'. The present participle of "to swim" it is more technically a gerund used as a noun adjunct. Colloquiallly, a "swimming head" (from a head that is swimming, or confused) is an adjective.

Who invented synchronized swimming swimming?

Tom (Sweats at swimming) Rainsforest...

Is swimming an athletic team?

No, swimming itself is not. However, there are swimming teams.

What are different kind of floating in swimming?

floating is floating and swimming is swimming

What is swimming trunks?

swimming shorts that boys wear to go swimming