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The Premiership is the top league in England. It is considered by many to be the best league in the world. The Premiership consists of 20 teams.

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Q: What is the meaning of premiership football game?
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Does a game of championship football cost cheaper to watch than a game of premiership football?

Yes, the game of championship is cheaper to watch than a game of premiership football. The premiership game of football costs on average four to eight pounds more.

Which premiership football player has played for the most premiership teams?

Andrew cole

What football club won the premiership in 1998?

Arsenal won the Premiership in 1998.

In a premiership game of football when are most goals scored?

Most goals are scored in the last 20 minutes in a E.P.L.

Who is top of the football premiership?

Manchester United............

Who has the largest penis in premiership football?

who has the biggest pennis in English football

Who the best football players in the premiership?

The best football players in the premiership are countless.In my opinion there is messi,kaka,ronaldo,torres,roney,gerard.

Which football players have won the premiership the champions league and been relegated from the premiership?

Christiano Ronaldo

Who won the football premiership 20062007?

Manchester United

How many Brazilian football players are there in the Premiership?


Football club with highest trophy in premiership?


Who has the most Premiership football hatricks?

christano ronaldo

Heaviest football player premiership?

Younis kaboul

Can you watch premiership football in Greece?

yes on a tv

What was the highest score in a premiership football match?


What premiership football clubs start with p?


Which Welsh football team plays in premiership?


A famous premiership football player with ADHD?


Who has the biggest football pitch in the premiership?

chelsea fc

Who won premiership in 1985?

It wasn't called the Premiership then (it was Football League Division One), but the champions were Everton.

What Football Team Has The Most Premiership Titles?

Manchester United has won the most Premiership titles, with twelve.

Who has died recently from premiership football?

FROM premiership fotball...probably no-one. It isn't a very fatal activity.

Which premiership club is closest to Bristol?

The Bristol City Football Club is the premiership club closest to Bristol. You should check them out if you are a big football fan. They are quite interesting.

Which football club won the premiership in 2000?

Manchester United

What is schalke 04?

A German Premiership football team from Gelsenkirchen.