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The standard size of the ball

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Q: What is the meaning of number 3 4 and 5 soccer ball besides the size What do the numbers stand for?
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What are mia hamm's soccer numbers?

on the American team her shirt number was #9

How does soccer players get their number?

Soccer players ussaly pick their own numbers... I have never heared any other way exept for the coach assighning the numbers to the players.

What are some sports played in Germany besides soccer and volleyball?

Besides volleyball and soccer, there is a great interest in handball, ice hockey and basketball.

11 grade soccer get numbers?

Soccer players are required to have numbers in order to distinguish players on the field. No two players on the same team may share a number and the numbers with names must be listed on the team roster.

Jersey numbers and their meaning in sports?

It's usually done to distinguish the players from the rest of the team. In Football(Soccer), The numbers 1-11 we're originally for the starting 11 with the goalie taking number 1 and substitutes with higher numbers.

What sports do brazilians play besides soccer?


What are the numbers assigned to the positions in soccer?

in a game of football there are number 1-12, as there are 12 possitions for players............

What sports did china invent besides soccer?

baby eating

Do soccer players choose their own numbers?

Yes,but if the number wasn't taken because some of them are already taken

What are the numbers retired in soccer?

i dont no

Is there any other football films besides goal?

soccer mum!

What are questions to ask a soccer player?

how many goals have you scored this season? did you play soccer as a kid? what position are you? what is your favorite sport (besides soccer)? I hope these helped you.

Do goalies have numbers in soccer?

Yes, most commonly number 1 for the starter keeper, 12 for the substitute and 23 for the reserve.

Can the number 0 be used on a football soccer jersey?

It is possible to have the number zero on a soccer jersey, but must be formatted so that there are two zeroes like this: 00. It just has to be different from other numbers, and it must not exceed two digits.

What is Alex Morgan's soccer number?

Alex Morgans soccer number for the USA Woman's Soccer Team is 13.

What soccer team has numbers in its name?


How many numbers in a soccer team?


Where do jersey numbers end in soccer?


What are Rooneys top soccer numbers?


What are the Brazil soccer players numbers?


What are the similarities between soccer and football?

Not much besides they both have players and a ball.

What other sports do they play besides soccer in Mexico?

They play baseball too

What is the meaning of ftb?

First To the Ball (in soccer)

What is the meaning of Pes?

Pro Evolution Soccer

What is the meaning of copa in beach soccer?