What is the meaning of neha anjali?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: What is the meaning of neha anjali?
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What is real name of anjali tarak mehta?

Neha K Mehta

What is meaning of the name 'Neha' in Tamil?

neha is not a Tamil word, it is a sanskrit word.

What is the meaning of the Marathi name 'Neha'?


What is the meaning of Neha Haslina in Islam?


What is the bharatnathym meaning of anjali?

classical dance

What is the meaning of word neha?

नेहा = प्यार , Love

Is anjali mehta of taarak mehta fame married in real life?

Neha Mehta plays Anjali Mehta in India's longest running sitcom Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. She is dating a businessman, but it is unknown who he is. She is supposed to be getting married sometime in 2015.

Is anjali a popular name?

My name actually is Anjali and it is an Indian word for serving with both hands, meaning giving blessings.

What is meaning of first name 'Neha' in Marathi?

Means LOVE....

What is the meaning of the word neha in Arabic?

loving ,pleasent , charming

What is the meaning of Anjali?

The name Anjali means:Offering to god,Divine offering,GiftAnjali origin is Sanskrit, many Indian girls and places in India are called Anjali. In the mid 1990s a Movie called 'Anjali' was made also being Indian. You pronounce Anjali: Un-Ja-li

What movie and television projects has Anjali Jathar been in?

Anjali Jathar has: Performed in "Madhosh" in 1994. Played Pooja in "Gundaraj" in 1995. Played Anju Khanna in "Aazmayish" in 1995. Played Radha Choudhury in "Trimurti" in 1995. Played Neha Khurana in "Vishwasghaat" in 1996. Played Pooja Prasad in "Shastra" in 1996. Played Priya Rana in "Bhishma" in 1996. Played Anjali Diwan in "Dhaal: The Battle of Law Against Law" in 1997.