What is the meaning of guard over?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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it is being guarded everywhere you go

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Q: What is the meaning of guard over?
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What is a word meaning prison guard?

Another word for prison guard is jail guard Its so easy

What is the meaning of anti-viral guard?

a cat

What is met guard in the Justin work boots?

They are boots that provide addition protection over the Metatarsal Bone, meaning more protection over the top of the foot. Typically having additional or a exterior pad over the boot.

How do you use guarded in a sentence?

You didn't say which meaning of this word you want to use. If you mean to guard as in to keep something secure, you could say "The Secret Service will guard the president during the parade." If you mean a guard, meaning the person who is guarding, you could say "I waved at the guard as I signed into the courthouse." You could also say "The guard dog patrolled the yard, growling at anyone who came too close." If you mean the sports term, you could say "He plays guard on the team." If you mean to keep control over something, you might say "Guard what you say because people are listening."

What is a cylinder guard used for?

A cylinder guard is used to protect the cylinder of a lock from being tampered with or damaged. It helps prevent unauthorized access to the lock mechanism and ensures the security of the door or other locking device.

What is the meaning of the name Chengetai Old Shona?

The meaning of the name Chengetai Old Shona is "guard, protect."

What is a body-guard's job or what are a body-guard's duties?

to watch over the people or to protect the people from harm

What is the meaning of Idiom off your guard?

The expression "off your guard" means that you are not prepared; that you are not watching for something and are not ready; that you are relaxed and not tense with waiting for some event.

What did the Gorgons have control over?

They guard the entrance to the Underworld.

What is the meaning of guard?

Your guard is the piece of metal that is placed at the bottom of your blade, just above your grip. It is the most useful element of your sword when it comes to parrying your opponent.

What is a Five letter word meaning to protect brain?

skull protects the brain

Meaning of name haris?

It means something like guard of Paradise (Jannah in Islam).