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Q: What is the meaning of each of the colour on the olympic flag?
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What is the meaning of the color yellow on the Olympic flag?

There is no particular meaning to each color in the Olympic flag. The colors that are on the flag represent the colors that can be found in almost all nations of the world.

Why is there a colour of the Olympic rings on the flag of each continents?

Becaus the olympic rings represent the continents joing togerther

What colour represents America in Olympic flag?


What colour are the Olympic rings on the Olympic flag?

Blue black red yellow green

What does each colour on the olympic flag represent?

Every country has at least one of these colors on their flag

Facts about the olympic flag?

do you know Olympic flag colours are chosen very smartly , all countries national flag at least have one colour of them.

What does The Yellow olympic ring mean?

The Rings symbolize each geographical area. Each country within these areas has a minimum of one colour on the emblem in their national flag. No one ring has any specific meaning. There were 5 countries and so 5 different coloured rings.

What does the color blue depict in Olympics?

The colour blue has no individual significance on the Olympic flag. It was chosen, as were alll the other colours, because at least one of them appears on each nations flag.

Who invented the white background on the Olympic flag?

its a netural colour and means peace

Why are the rings the colors?

The olympic rings? The rings represent the original 5 continents, every flag in the world has at least one colour of the Olympic rings in their national flag.

Give a small explainination on each of the colour on the olympic flag?

The five rings represent the five inhabited continents of the world. It has never been stated that a specific ring or colour represents a specific continent

Are there any national flags that don't have the colour of an olympic ring in it?

no, unless you count the peace flag. but that is not a national flag so the answer is no