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Q: What is the meaning of drop shots in badminton?
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What is the drop shots in badminton?

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Different skills of badminton?

the four different tricks are mainly- 1. badminton clears 2. badminton drop shots 3. badminton drives 4. badminton smash

What is the meaning of seed in badminton?

A seed in badminton means a badminton player .

What are the shots used in badminton?

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What are main tactics to help you win point in badminton?

Drop shots are good to help you win especially if you are desperate and tired. another good one is to hit it to the side opposite to where ur opponent is.

What is the name of a controlled smash in badminton?


What are the three hits in badminton called?

The three hits in badminton are called lob, smash, and drop.

What is the name of Badminton in Hindi?

In Hindi also it's called Badminton.

Can you use two handed shots in Badminton?

No, you lose power and balance in doing so

Is drop shot a offensive shot in badminton?

No because all you are doing is letting go of a shuttlecock ad hitting it with a badminton bat

What are badminton dinks?

Net Shots (in New York Times Crossword Puzzle July 10, 2010)

What is the meaning of ace in badminton?

A serve which is not returned.