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It basically means that you have a good personality and you hav a sense of humour n stuff

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Q: What is the meaning of colorful character?
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When was The Colorful Character created?

The Colorful Character was created in 1949-12.

What is the meaning of colourfull character?

A "colorful character" typically refers to someone who is lively, eccentric, and stands out due to their unique personality or behavior. They are often entertaining, unpredictable, or unconventional in their actions and interactions with others.

What character traits do fish have?

weird, colorful, shy, and yummy

What cartoon character is the most colorful girl in the world?

Rainbow Brite.

Is colorful a character trait?

YES. As everybody knows, the color of you eyes is part of your character. Also, if your skin is black and blue, that is because of your bad character.

What are the release dates for 24 Hour Design - 2006 Colorful Spanish Character 4-5?

24 Hour Design - 2006 Colorful Spanish Character 4-5 was released on: USA: 12 January 2008

What is color full adjectives?

The adjective meaning full of color is colorful.

What is eight letter meaning the opposite of black and white?

Colorful, maybe.

When someone calls you a colorful local character what does it mean?

"Colorful"means that you stand out from the crowd in some way. Generally a colourful character is seen as an oddball by more conventional people. "Local" means that your notoriety does not extend beyond the small community in which you live.

Did Shakespeare base the character of Falstaff on Robert Greene?

Some speculate that he did because of Greene's colorful personality.

What is the definition of the word character?

A word character means a character that has many meaning to it. Example: Goofy is silly. SILLY is the word that describes or has that meaning to a character.

What is a character or group of character that has a specific meaning?