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A sports lockout is where they stop the season (or dont have one) until a problem is fixed like football this year.

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Q: What is the meaning of a sports lockout?
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What professional sports league reached a tentative agreement with its referees ending a lockout?


Does a sports lockout count towards free agency?

yes because teams are not playing when a lockout is going on. teams can trade,sign,draft,draft and all that stuff they do too.

What professional sports league announced Thursday that part of its season would be canceled due to a lockout?


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It was scary when there was a lockout at school

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The meaning of refining sports is incorporating advanced technology in sports activities to boost the natural ability.

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What is the role of a professional sports league commissioner?

Well Gary Bettmans (NHL) job is to lockout the NHL so no one gets to play

What is a 'lockout' in the NBA?

A lockout occurs when there is a failure to agree on a collective bargaining agreement. The result is a shortened, if any, season.

How can you use lockout as sentence?

My towing company provides lockout service.

What is an NHL lockout?

an nhl lockout is when there is no season or playoffs in a hockey season

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What year did the NHL lockout occur?

the lockout in the NHL occurred in 2004-2005 season

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Has there ever been a NFL lockout?

Not a lockout but there have been to recorded strikes one in 1982, in 1987

When was the last professional athlete strike?

The last major sports strike was the 2004-5 NHL lockout. If you don't consider that a strike, then the last was the 1994 MLB strike.

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What is an NBA lockout?

When players and team staff fail to come to an agreement with the NBA bosses which leeds to a lockout