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It means either he likes to gossip...or he is possibly interested in this girl.

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Q: What is the meaning if a guy tells about a girl which is not yet close to him to his closest friend?
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What if a close guy friend tells you your beautiful?

you thank him and ask him out

How do you know when your close male friend is in love with you?

When he tells you, he is in love with you. And only then you will know for sure!

Does Zac ofron have a baby?

no he does not- i know because he is a close friend of mine and tells me everything

If a guy tells you secrets and stuff does that mean he likes you?

He may just trust you. I have a close friend that tells me everything but he is interested in someone else.

How much does ina garten weigh?

22 stone 11 lb. I am a close friend to her so she tells me everything. ;)

What is bruh?

bruh is somone like your friend

Who tells a child when their parents die?

Usually a family member or a close family friend will tell a child when a parent (or both parents) die :(

What if he says he is not really for a reatoinship?

well if he says he is not really then that tells you he is not ready all you can do is be a friend to him and get close to him so when he is ready he will most likey turn to you

What does it mean when a male friend tells a female friend that she is his best friend?

It may mean that he likes you but on the other hand you may have known each other for a long time and are just close friends so don't get worried.

What do you do when your friend tells you he is gay?

I say that he was your friend before and he is your friend now no matter who he is.

What do you do if a boy tells you he likes you but then he dates your best friend?

it depends if he tells you that he likes your friend first but if he dating your best friend just tell him no if he ask you out

What does it mean when your best friend tells my friend to leave me alone?

she is jealous of her or him

If a guy tells his friend he likes you but then tells you he doesn't what does it mean?

He changed his mind.

Who tells romeo about juliet's fake death?

Romeo's friend Balthasar tells him

Is there a sexual meaning when a man tells his friend he is going out to get a little H?

== H, as in heroin== As far as I know, H is heroin, so he is going out to score.

If she tells her friend does she like you but then you send your friend to ask her if she likes me and she said no does she like you?

if a girl tells her friend does she like you and she says yes she like you but then you send your friend to tell the girls that she said yes she like me and she says no to your friend does she like you???

What if the friend of your crush tells you that you crush likes you?

Be sure that it's a friend you can trust.

What if your friend tells a girl you like her?

she will ask the friend, to mind his own business :)

If your really close guy friend tells you he deeply cares about you but has not done anything but flirt with you a little could it mean that he would like to be more than friends?


What type of narrator is used in The Simple Story of G Washington?

The narrator of The Simple Story of G. Washington is a simple narrator, who tells the story as if they were talking to a close friend.

Am I friend zoned if he tells me that I'm a 'cool girl'?

sorry but yeahhh. your in the friend zone.

What does it mean when a man tells you another women is just a friend?

It means she is just a friend.

What does it mean if he tells you he loves you but his friend tells you he doesn't like you?

They cannot BOTH be telling the truth.

What do you do if a friend tells you to smoke cigarettes?

Don't do it, bad for you.

What do you do when your best friend tells your crush you like him?