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Q: What is the maximum of players a rounders team?
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What are the maximum and the minimum of players a rounders team can have?

The minimal is 6 and the maximum is 15

How many in a rounders team?

There are 9 players on a rounders team.

How many players do you need for a rounders team?


How many players playing rounders?

there are 9 players on a rounders team a bowler a backstop 3 deep fielders and 4 players on posts

How many players are on the rounders field for each team at one time?

six from each team

What is the maximum number of cricket players on a team?

Maximum number of players on a cricket team is 11

How many players are there in acricket team?

There are 11 players in a cricket team.It includes batsman,bowlers and all rounders.

What is 15 M P in a B T?

15 (Maximum) Players in a Basketball Team*In the NBA, there must be a minimum of 10 players on a team and a maximum of 15 players.

How many players to a basketball team?

on the Syracuse basketball team there is 18 players

How many times is a rounders player allowed to hit the ball?

depends how many players are in each team. It has to be equal, 9 to 15 players. Each team gets 21 balls.

How many players is on a soccer team?

You can have a maximum of 11 players per team and a minimum of 7. If there are less then seven players, the team automatically loses. If a team exceeds the maximum amount of 11 players, that player(s) will be cautioned with a yellow card and sent off the field.

How many plyers in basketball team?

There is a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 15 players for an NBA basketball team.