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The Kentucky Derby field is limited to 20 horses. Some people think 20 horses are too many for a horse race, with the finish sometimes resembling a cavalry charge. However, that large of a field does offer many good betting possibilities.

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Q: What is the maximum number of horses that can run in this years Kentucky Derby?
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How may horses compete for the Kentucky Derby?

20 maximum

Why can't European horses enter the Kentucky Derby?

European horses can enter the Kentucky Derby.

Which horses are in the Kentucky Derby?

The horses that race in the Derby are Thoroughbred racing horses.

How may horses won the Kentucky Derby with a number 7 on them?


What animal competes in the Kentucky Derby?

Thoroughbred horses compete in the Kentucky Derby.

How many horses can be in the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is now limited to 20 horses. Before a limit was put in place, the most horses that ran in the Derby was 23 in 1974, the 100th anniversary of the Run for the Roses.

Why is Kentucky most famous for horses?

The Kentucky Derby

Why are horses important to Kentucky?

there are horse races in kentucky - kentucky derby

Is the Kentucky Derby for girl horses boy horses or both?

both i won once in the derby

How many horses ran in the first Kentucky Derby?

The first Kentucky Derby was run on May 17, 1875. There were 15 horses in the field. The colt, Aristides, won the first Derby.

What was the horses name that won the Kentucky Derby in 1864?

The Kentucky Derby didn't begin until 1875.

What breed of horse races in the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is a race for Thoroughbred horses.

How many horses have won the Kentucky Derby?

As of May 7, 2011, 137 horses have won the Kentucky Derby. The first Kentucky Derby was held on May 17, 1875. It has been held every year since then.

How far do the horses run in Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is raced on a 1 1/4 mile track.

Has a mustang ever won the Kentucky Derby?

No, the only horses that can run in the Kentucky Derby, or any thoroughbred race, must be full blooded thoroughbred with proper documentation of the horses registry.

Where in America is the Derby run?

For horses, the Derby in America, known as the Kentucky Derby, is run in Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday in May every year.

What sex are the horses in the Kentucky derby?


Are all horses in the Kentucky Derby male?


Who were last two horses to run in the Kentucky Derby undefeated at entry?

The answer to this and all the rest of the stats can be found at the Kentucky Derby's website.

How many horses run at a time in the Kentucky Derby?

The field is 20 horses.

What is the most horses to race in the Kentucky derby?

Twenty horses can race at a time

What sex are the horses running in the Kentucky derby?


What is the phone number of the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville Kentucky?

The phone number of the Kentucky Derby Museum is: 502-637-1111.

What is the song played when the horses enter the track of Kentucky Derby?

My Old Kentucky Home

Are paint horses allowed to be entered in the Kentucky Derby?

You will not see a Paint horse in the Kentucky Derby. The Derby is for Thoroughbreds only. A Paint is a spotted horse with Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred bloodlines.