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There is no maximum height

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Q: What is the maximum ceiling height of an indoor gym?
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Is the Arobic Exercise Cardio Equipment Bouncer really suitable for indoor use?

The bouncer is typically only used indoors in a gym environment with proper safety equipment and high ceiling but given the appropriate amount of space and an adequate ceiling height, the Bouncer can be used in any indoor environment.

What is the standard ceiling height of a gym?

6 millions miles

What is the ceiling height of a high school gym?

it should be around 6m

What is a safe ceiling height for cheerleading?

It is best if the cheerleaders practice in the gym or some place where they have at least 5-7 metres ceiling.

Where is the worlds largest indoor rock climbing place?

Momentum Indoor Climbing Gym in Sandy, Utah is the largest Indoor Climbing gym.

What is a a gym bike?

Usually Gym bike means stationary exercise bike, what you can use to cycling in a indoor home or gym environment. You can do cycling in indoor without going anywhere. Basically, it is a fixed bike on a frame.

What is the height of a basketball gym?

The height can vary.

What is a 3 letter word for an indoor sporets place?


How high does an indoor volleyball court need to be?

if your talking about a celing then the height of a gym at a elementary or middle school. if yuor talking about the hieght of the net then i varys from age group to age group

Where do you do pole vaulting?

Either on a track outside or in a gym/indoor track.

Could i increase the height going to gym i am 20 and my hight is 5.3 i wana be 5.10?

No. going to the gym will not affect your height.

What is the standard clear height from floor surface to structure or scoreboard in a basketball gym?

What is standard height of high school gym scoreboard

Where do I play indoor soccer?

you can play in a gym first join a soccer team

Does working out at gym reduce height?


Where can you play indoor field hockey?

Well if you want to play field hockey indoors you should go to a gym hall for indoor field hockey.

Why our height don't grow after join gym or do push ups like exercises?

Gym can add up to 2 inches of height...its practical dude

Is badminton an indoor game?


What is the facility used in gymnastics?

An indoor gym, with all the necessary apparatuses and LOTS of mats.

Can going to gym affect height?


What is the Height of a school gym?

how should we know

How do you get a stray ball in dodge ball?

Play in an enclosed area such as an indoor basketball or volleyball gym.

Does going to gym stop growth of height?

No, it shouldn't.

It is said that joining a gym will stop the height of a 19 yr old boyhow true is this advice?

joining gym will not stop your height in fact your height will increase but remember dont pick up too much weight at your shoulders.chin up sets are good for height

Do gyms offer indoor rock climbing?

Some gyms offer indoor rock climbing. Some gyms don't. If you have a gym you want to be a member of call ahead and ask them or check their website. There are also gyms specifically for indoor rock climbing.

If person who is less then18 go to the gym does it effect the height of that person?

Umm... No. Age has absolutely nothing to do with height. If you drank a few pots of coffee before going to the gym,...maybe.