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The Clemson Basketball team (also known as "The Clemson Tigers men's basketball") is the College Basketball program of the Clemson University. The mascot of all Clemson University athletic teams is a tiger.

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a bear

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Q: What is the mascot for the Clemson basketball team?
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Why is Clemson's mascot a tiger paw?

It isn't. Their mascot is a tiger. The tiger paw is just one of their symbols, like the "C" they use for their baseball team. But to answer the question, "Why is Clemson's mascot a TIGER?", it is because of Walter Riggs. He came to Clemson as the football coach in 1896 from Auburn University. He had always been a fan of the Princeton Tigers, and, therefore, gave Clemson the mascot.

What is clemson's mascot?

A Tiger.

What is usually the motif of Clemson bedding sets?

The motif of Clemson bedding sets is a tiger paw print. The tiger paw print is orange colored and represents Clemson University's mascot or team name, which is the Tigers.

Who is clemson university's mascot?


Which college is the Gonzaga basketball team associated with?

The Gonzaga basketball team is the intercollegiate men's basketball team representing Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. The team's mascot is Spike The Bulldog.

What is the team name of Syracuse football?

Otto the Orange is the mascot of the Syracuse Basketball team. The Syracuse Basketball team is also nicknamed Syracuse Orange, hence the name for the mascot Otto the Orange.

How many regular season ACC championships has the Clemson men's basketball team won?

One in 1990.

Has clemson basketball team baet a number 1 team?

im almost sure cause they play in tbe acc and are pretty good

How many championships does Clemson mens basketball have?

Clemson University has never won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

What is the mascot of the Butler basketball team?

A bull dog. They are in the big east Atlantic conference. The bulldogs can refer to either the men's or women's team. There have been three dogs who have been the mascot.

What is the official basketball team of Kansas?

The official basketball team of Kansas is the Kansas Jayhawks. They are based in the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. The mascot is a bird with a red head and a blue body.

When was Clemson Tigers football created?

The Clemson Tigers football team was formed around 1986. This team was formed at Clemson University in South Carolina. This is a college football team.