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Q: What is the mascot for the Atlanta Braves baseball team?
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What is the baseball home team for Atlanta?

The Atlanta Braves.

Are the Atlanta Braves baseball team good?


Who were the braves?

a pro baseball team in Atlanta Georgia

What baseball team has a red a on their hat?

The Atlanta Braves

What sport does the team Atlanta Braves play?

The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team that is based in Atlanta. The team plays in the Major League Baseball league and have played in the Turner Field since 1997.

What baseball team did Atlanta have before the Braves?

The Atlanta Crackers, from 1901-1965.

What is the mascot for the alanta braves baseball team?

The mascots name is Homer the Brave. He has a braves uniform and hat and his head is a baseball.

Are the Richmond Braves a pro baseball team?

Yes the Richmond Braves are a pro team. They are the minor league (AAA) affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. No The Atlanta Braves are a major league team Never say pro baseball say major leagues

What baseball team does Randy Orton like?

Atlanta Braves

What is the name of Georgias professional baseball team?

the Atlanta Braves

What is Alabama's pro baseball team called?

The Atlanta Braves

What is Bob Weir's favorite baseball team?

Atlanta Braves

Who is the owner of the Atlanta Braves baseball team?

Ted turner

What baseball team did Bob Uecker play on?

played with the milwaukee braves and atlanta braves

What is the name of the Georgia team?

The Atlanta Braves is the pro baseball Georgia team

What is the original location of the baseball team Atlanta Braves?

The original Braves franchise began in Boston, moved to Milwaukee and then to Atlanta.

What is the Atlanta Braves single A team?

The Atlanta Braves' Single A team is the Rome Braves in Rome, GA

Who currently owns the Atlanta Braves baseball team?

Ted Turner

Who are the Atlanta Braves?

They are a baseball team now based in Atlanta, Georgia. They used to be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Which team's baseball cap had a small a on it?

The 1974 Atlanta Braves had a small "a" on it. - R

What MLB Baseball team had the most wins in the 90's?

The Atlanta Braves

John Andrew Smoltz?

He is a starting pitcher from the Atlanta Braves baseball team.

How many pofessional baseball teams are in Georgia?

There is one team, the Atlanta Braves.

What is the team salary for the Atlanta Braves?

The Atlanta Braves's 2014 team salary is $107373674, 15th in the MLB.

In which three cities that the major league baseball team named the Atlanta Braves has played in?

Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta