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Sparky is the mascot of the Arizona State University Sun Devil teams. Sparky became the school's mascot in 1946. Prior to being called the Sun Devils, Arizona State University teams were 'Bulldogs' and, before that, 'Owls'.

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Wilbur T. Wildcat and his wife Wilma T. Wildcat.

The original mascot was a live bobcat name Rufus Arizona.

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The lumberjacks.

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Q: What is the mascot for Northern Arizona University?
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Mascot for University of Northern Arizona?

LumberjacksorLouie The Lumberjack

What is the mascot of Arizona State University university?

the sun devil

When was Northern Arizona University created?

Northern Arizona University was created in 1899.

Wilber Wildcat is the name of the mascot for which University?

It is actually Wilbur Wildcat with a 'u' not a 'e' and this mascot is from the university of Arizona.

Who is the school mascot for university of Arizona?

Wilbur Wildcat and Wilma Wildcat are the two mascots for the University of Arizona.

What is the motto of Northern Arizona University?

Northern Arizona University's motto is 'The Difference that Matters'.

Sparky is whos mascot?

Sparky the Sun Devil is the official mascot of Arizona State University

What is Mascot name shared by Villanova University of Arizona Kansas State and Northwestern?

The mascot of those four schools is the wildcat. Also the University of Kentucky has the wildcat as its mascot.

What is the address of Northern Arizona University?

The Northern Arizona University has its residence in the town Flagstaff in the US state Arizona. The postal code is 86011. The University lies on the South San Francisco Street.

What was the mascot for Arizona State University before it became the Sun Devils?


What is the phone number of the Northern Arizona University'S Art Museum in Flagstaff Arizona?

The phone number of the Northern Arizona University'S Art Museum is: 928-523-3479.

What schools arein Arizona?

There are quite a few colleges in Arizona. The University of Arizona is located in Tucson, Arizona State University is located in Phoenix, and Northern Arizona University is in Flagstaff.