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Bernie Brewer

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Q: What is the mascot's name for the Milwaukee Brewers?
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What were the Milwaukee Brewers first team name?

Seattle Pilots moved to Milwaukee to become the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970.

What state are the Milwaukee Brewers from?

The Milwaukee Brewers are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Why are the Milwaukee Brewers named the Brewers?

Milwaukee has a history and heritage of breweries (where beer is made), so the name was appropriate for the team.

What do you mean by brewers?

the Milwaukee Brewers, the best baseball team in the NL Central. Go Brew Crew the Milwaukee Brewers ARE in the NL central.they are located at Milwaukee,Wisconsin. And their park name is MIller Park.

When was Milwaukee Brewers created?

Milwaukee Brewers was created in 1969.

How did the Milwaukee Brewers get there name?

Milwaukee has a long history as a beer-brewing town -- the team's name honors that history.

Was there another name for the Milwaukee Brewers?

This franchise started out in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots. The team moved to Milwaukee in 1970 and began play that same year known as the Milwaukee Brewers. They have used that name since.The Milwaukee Braves played in Milwaukee from 1953 to 1965, then moved to Atlanta

What is Will Smith's number on the Milwaukee Brewers?

Will Smith is number 13 on the Milwaukee Brewers.

Before playing in miller park what was the name of the Milwaukee Brewers home stadium?

Milwaukee County Stadium

What was the Milwaukee Brewers payroll in 1950?

The Milwaukee Brewers were not a baseball team in 1950 - They were formed in 1970

How many wins did the Milwaukee Brewers have in 2007?

In 2007, the Milwaukee Brewers had an 83-79 record.

When was Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame created?

Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame was created in 2001.

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