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Bill Fischer of the 1962 Kansas City Athletics holds the MLB and American League record for most consecutive innings pitched with allowing a walk with 84 1/3.

Greg Maddux holds the National League record at 72 1/3 consecutive innings pitched without allowing a walk.

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Q: What is the major league record for most consecutive innings pitched without giving up a walk?
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What pitcher holds the record for most consecutive innings pitched without giving up a hit?

The record for most consecutive hitless innings pitched is 25.1, which equals 76 outs, by Cy Young on May 3-May 11, 1904.

Who is the pitcher who has thrown the most innings without a walk?

The MLB record for most consecutive innings pitched without giving up a walk is held by Bill Fischer of the Kansas City Athletics who threw 84 1/3 consecutive innings without issueing a base on balls between August 3, 1962 and September 30, 1962.

What pitcher holds the record for most consecutive innings pitched without giving up a home run?

How about walter johnson, in 1916 with 369.2 innings? Extra, he even hit one in september of that season.

What pitchers have given up no grand slams?

The MLB pitcher that pitched the most innings without giving up a grand slam was Hall of Famer Jim Palmer of the Baltimore Orioles. He pitched 3948 innings in the regular season and another 124 1/3 innings in the postseason without giving up a grand slam.

Most innings pitched without giving up a run to start a career?

Lucas Luetge for Seattle mariners

What is the most consecutive shutout innings pitched by one team in the majors?

I'm not sure about the total by one team... but the most total by one player was Orel Hershiser of The Dodgers when he went 59 innings in a row without giving up a run.AnswerMost consecutive shutout innings pitched by a team: In the National League, the Pittsburgh Pirates, 56 innings, from 6-01-1903 to 6-09-1903. In the American League, the Baltimore Orioles, 54 innings, from 9-01-1974 to 9-07-1974. The 1969 Mets finished off that season throwing 4 consecutive shutouts and 3 of them against the Phils before ending the season against the Cubbies. I think at that time it was the record for one team throwing consecutive shutout inning against another.

What is the MLB record for most consecutive shutout innings pitched by one pitcher in one game?

21 by Joe Oeschger of the Boston Braves against the Brooklyn Robins (now Dodgers) on May 1, 1920. The game went 26 innings and ended in a 1-1 tie due to darkness. Oeschger pitched a complete game, allowing the Robins one run in the fifth inning. The Robins pitcher, Leon Cadore, also pitched a complete game and allowed Boston's run in the sixth inning giving him 20 consecutive scoreless innings. The only other pitcher to throw 20 consecutive scoreless innings in one game was Joe Harris of the Boston Americans (now Red Sox) against the Philadelphia Athletics on September 1, 1906. Harris gave up a single run in the 3rd inning and then went until to the 24th inning before giving up 3 more to lose the game 4-1.

How do you pitch a no hitter in the major leagues?

Go all 9 innings without giving up a hit

Only hall of fame pitcher not to give up a grand slam?

Jim Palmer. Palmer, who spent his entire career (1965-1984) with the Baltimore Orioles, pitched 3948 innings without giving up a grand slam home run.

What is an Earned Run Average?

It is a measure to judge how effective a pitcher is. It calculated by taking the total earned runs a pitcher has allowed and dividing by (total #of innings pitched/9). Giving you an average number of runs a pitcher allows (earned runs) every 9 innings

What is the most innings pitched by Vernon Law in one game?

In MLB, 18 innings.Law started and pitched 18 innings against the Milwaukee Braves on July 19, 1955 giving up 9 hits and 2 runs while walking 2 and striking out 12. He left the game for a pinch hitter in the bottom of the 18th inning and wound up with a no decision.The Pirates won the game in the 19th.

Which NFL team hold the record for consecutive quarters without giving up a touchdown?

pittsburgh steelers

Mike mussina Yankee debut?

Mike Mussina's regular season debut for the Yankees was April 5, 2001 against the Kansas City Royals at Yankee Stadium. He pitched 7 2/3 innings giving up 5 hits and 0 runs as the Yankees won, 1-0. Mariano Rivera pitched the final 1 1/3 innings to record the save.

How does a partial inning pitched count for an ERA calculation?

Each out recorded while the pitcher is still playing is recorded as a third of an inning. So if a pitcher give up three runs while pitching in a game and is taken out in the 6th with 2 out, it would be recorded as him giving up three in 6 and 2/3's innings (assuming the runs were earned.) BUT there is a bit of a kicker to this, sometimes if you watching the scores of other games go across the bottom of the screen, you'll see that a pitcher pitch 4.1 innings or 7.2 innings. In baseball language 4.1 is 4 and 1/3 innings pitched and 7.2 is 7 and 2/3 inningg pitched. 4.1 and 7.1 just looks more apealing that 4.3 (repeating) or 7.6(repeating) which is what it mathematically would be

What Cincinnati Red pitcher started the one game playoff in 1999?

Steve Parris ... he pitched 2 2/3 innings giving up 3 runs and 3 hits in a Reds 5-0 loss to the Mets.

When did Sandy Koufax start playing in the Major League Baseball?

He pitched his first game in MLB, for the Brooklyn Dodgers, on June 24, 1955 against the Milwaukee Braves, giving up 2 hits and no runs in 2 innings.

Has any baseball player pitched a perfect game and lost?

Under the current rules, it's impossible. A pitcher doesn't get credit for a perfect game unless he pitches the entire game and allows no baserunners. There have been a few cases where a pitcher went 9 perfect innings then lost the game in extra innings. It used to be the case where if a pitcher pitched nine perfect innings, he would get credit for a perfect game even if he allowed baserunners in extra innings. However, these games are no longer officially credited as perfect games. On May 26, 1959, Pittsburgh Pirate Harvey Haddix pitched 12 perfect innings but gave up an error in the 13th. The Pirates lost to the Milwaukee Braves 3-0. On June 3, 1995, Montreal Expo Pedro Martinez pitched 9 perfect innings but gave up a hit in the 10th. The Expos beat the San Diego Padres 1-0. It is possible to throw a no-hitter but still lose the game. New York Yankee Andy Hawkins and Boston Red Sox Matt Young both lost games in the early 90's without giving up a hit. The runs came as a result of errors by other team members.

Who was giving credit for invetnting 16 inch softball?

you need 5 innings

How many games did Roy Oswalt pitch in the 2000 Olympic games?

2. Oswalt started a round-robin game against South Korea and pitched 7 shutout innings in the USA's 4-0 win and started the semi-final game, also against South Korea, giving up 2 runs in 6 innings in the USA's 3-2 win.

If a relief pitcher starts 1 inning but is replaced by another pitcher before any outs are recorded. How is that scored for the picher considering he recorded no outs.?

For example, if a pitcher comes in to start the seventh inning, gives up two base hits and is replaced without recording an out, the box score will show he pitched 0 innings. At the bottom of the box score it will have a statement "<name of pitcher> pitched to two batters in the seventh inning'. Sometimes you hear broadcasters refer to it as 'plus'. Say the starter is replaced after giving up a base hit in the seventh inning but before recording any outs. You might hear the broadcaster say "<name of pitcher> went six plus innings today".

How many earned runs did Johnny Murphy give up in the 1939 season?

30. Murphy, of the Yankees, had a 3-6 record with a 4.40 ERA in 1939 giving up 30 earned runs in 61 1/3 innings pitched. He also led the AL in saves that season with 19.Official Major League records list Murphy's ERA in 1939 as 4.43 in 61 innings.

What rookie pitchers have started a Game 1 of the World Series?

1) Babe Adams of the Pirates in the 1909 World Series and got the win giving up 1 run and 6 hits in 9 innings. 2) Jeff Tesreau of the Giants in the 1912 World Series and was the loser giving up 4 runs and 5 hits in 7 innings. 3) Paul Derringer of the Cardinals in the 1931 World Series and was the loser giving up 6 runs and 11 hits in 7 innings. 4) Don Newcombe of the Dodgers in the 1949 World Series and was the loser giving up 1 run and 5 hits in 8 innings. 5) Bob Walk of the Phillies in the 1980 World Series and got the win giving up 6 runs and 8 hits in 7+ innings. 6) Joe Magrane of the Cardinals in the 1987 World Series and was the loser giving up 5 runs and 4 hits in 3 innings. 7) Tim Belcher of the Dodgers in the 1988 World Series and got a no decision giving up 4 runs and 3 hits in 2 innings. 8) Livan Hernandez of the Marlins in the 1997 World Series and got the win giving up 3 runs and 8 hits in 5 2/3 innings. Hernandez won the Series MVP award in 1997. 9) Justin Verlander of the Tigers in the 2006 World Series and was the loser giving up 7 runs and 6 hits in 5+ innings. 10) Anthony Reyes of the Cardinals in the 2006 World Series and got the win giving up 2 runs and 4 hits in 8+ innings. The 2006 World Series is the only Series in MLB history that two rookie pitchers started against each other in Game 1.

What is Justin Verlander's record against the New York Yankees?

Through games played on May 31, 2012 Justin is 4-3 all time against the Yankees. He has made 11 starts against them and has pitched 62 2/3 innings to an ERA of 4.33 giving up 65 hits.

Who won the game that Harvey haddix lost in the 13th?

The winning pitcher for the Milwaukee Braves that day was Lew Burdette who managed to scatter 12 hits over 12 innings without giving up a single run. His record went to 8-2. Pittsburgh's Haddix pitched 12 and 2/3 innings of perfect baseball before conceding a hit. His record went to 3-3. Haddix's performance is arguably the greatest single pitching feat in baseball history. There have been 17 perfect games pitched in the Majors but all of them concluded after nine innings. It is doubtful that Haddix's 12 perfect innings will ever again be duplicated. I'd like to add that Pittsburgh ss Dick Schofield batted .500 (6-3) and both 1b Rocky Nelson and 3b Don Hoak batted .400 (5-2). Pittsburgh also left 8 runners stranded. It seems that Pittsburgh's base coaching left something to be desired that day. You'd think that somehow, over all those innings, some strategy could have been used to get at least one runner around to score.

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