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Q: What is the main uses for a weaved basket?
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What is the homonym for we've?

A homonym is the same a a homophone (a word that sounds the exact same as the other word but is spelt differently). So, a homonym for we've is weave (I weaved a basket).

What was the priest daily routine in San Gabriel?

They basket weaved, made clothing, and did a lot of farming because Mission San Gabriel is one of the best missions in farming.

What sport uses a catchers basket with ball?


A market basket of goods the government uses to measure inflation?

The government uses a market basket of goods to measure inflation. The market basket of goods is a collection of items that are representative of the overall economy. The items in the market basket are weighted based on their importance in the economy. The weights are updated periodically to ensure that they accurately reflect the current economy.

Why can't Penelope finish weaving the robe?

every night she unravels what she has weaved during the day

What is a sentence that uses the word receive?

I would love to receive a basket of cookies for my birthday

What toys did pomo kid play with?

a basket would be the main toy

Who is toro in fruits basket?

tohro Honda is a girl who is the main character of the Fruits Basket anime and manga. She knows the Souma's family secret.

What are the main uses for grains?

The main uses for grains is to feed birds!:)

How does wool get made into a frabric?

It gets weaved

Can you get a weave if your bald?

If there is no hair how could it be weaved.

Where is the picnic basket on moshi monsters?

it is on main street outside the grocery store