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Catholicism is the predominant religion in most of South America, and Argentina is no exception.

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Q: What is the main religion in Argentina?
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What is Argentina's main religion?

Roman Catholicism

What religon is in Argentina?

Roman catholic is the main religion, followed by other christian religions.

What is Argentina's religion?

Argentina doesn't have a state religion however most people are catholic

What are Argentina's religion's?

Most people in Argentina are Roman Catholic.

What is Argentina's main language?

The main language spoken in Argentina is Spanish. It is the official language and is used in government, education, media, and daily communication.

What is the primary religion in argentina?


What is the main economic activity for Argentina?

soccer is one main economic activity in argentina

What is Argentina's population divided by religion?

umm .

What are the most prominent religion in Argentina?


What is the most common religion is Argentina?

Roman Catholic - between 70% - 90% of Argentina's population

How do people worship god in Argentina?

because of their religion

What is the predominant religion in Argentina?

Predominately, Roman Catholicism.