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A referee.

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Q: What is the main official in football called?
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How do you spell refery?

A football official is called a referee.

When a language is used in a country as the main language how is it called?

Normally, the main language is the official language in a country. In countries without an official language, such as the United States, the main language is called the national language.

What is official pro football used in NFL?

Wilson is the official football.

What is the official football used in college football?

A Wilson Official Leather NCAA Game Football

What are the main sports of libya?

It is what they call Football. In Libya, Soccer is called Football. hope that helped! :)

Is soccer called futbol?

it's called football (official name being association football). it's predominantly called futbol by Spanish speakers. if you went to England or France and wanted to play/watch what you call soccer, you'd say football.

What is Brazil football stadium called?

They do not have a stadium but their main stadium is the Estadio do Maracana.

What is the difference between a main official and a minor official?

A minor official is shorter than a main official.

What was the football movie where the main character had to carry the football to class every day?

i think the move was called "The Program" Omar Epps is one of zthe main characters

Indictment of official by house?

An indictment of an official by the House is called an impeachment. The main difference is that you will not go to jail if convicted; you will be removed from office.

When was Tom Dooley - American football official - born?

Tom Dooley - American football official - was born in 1934.

When did Tom Kelleher - American football official - die?

Tom Kelleher - American football official - died in 2011.

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