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Similar to regular (ball) Golf, the object is to complete the course in the fewest number of throws (strokes).

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Get your ball down each hole with less hits than your opponent(s) take.

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To get less hits at the Ball and try to get a HOLE in one!

To get around the course taking as few shots as possible (getting a small ball into a small hole)

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Q: What is the main objective of a golf game?
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Golf is a game in which a player, using many types of clubs including a driver, a putter, and irons, hits a ball into each hole on a golf course in the lowest possible number of strokes. Golf is one of the few ball games that do not use a standardized playing area, the game is played on golf courses. The rules in Golf are very simple. The main Objective of the game is, you have to hit the ball at the hole. Every round of golf is based on playing a number of holes in a given order. Here some basic facts for playing good Golf- (a) Steady head (b) Proper Balance (c) Rhythm (d) ConcentrationSome Powerful golf swing tips: 1. One of the most important golf swing tip is to keep your club face square. You need to maintain a consistent golf swing plane in order to keep your club face square. 2. Always fully concentrate your eye on the ball. You need to do these at all times during your swing.Golf is played at a professional level all over the world.The Rules of Golf are very simple: 1) Easy to play 2) Concentration is a key element of playing good Golf. Golf is an Easy and Interesting game, A few simple flexibility and strength exercises can change your whole golf game. Concentration is the key success of playing Brilliant golf game.