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Villanova as a #8 seed in 1985 and won the championship game that year

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Q: What is the lowest seed to make it the ncaa finals in basketball?
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What is the lowest seeded team to make the finals in NCAA Basketball tourney?

16th seed- four of them(1 per region)

What is the lowest seed to make the ncaa finals?

(8)Villanova (1985)

Where will the men's NCAA finals be played at in basketball?

Detroit Michigan

What teams have appeared in consecutive NCAA basketball finals?

Florida ucla

Where are the NCAA basketball finals 2010?

Indianapolis, IN - Final Four April 3rd - Finals April 5th.

What is the lowest NCAA Women basketball score?


Who was in the 2009 NCAA basketball finals?

Michigan State and University of North Carolina

Who won the 1996 NCAA basketball title?

Kentucky defeated Syracuse, 76-67, in the finals to win the 1996 Division I NCAA basketball championship.

Which basketball team in the ncaa has the lowest average GPA?


What are the lowest seeds ever to play in a NCAA basketball title?

Since the NCAA implemented the 64 seed tournament format in 1985, the lowest seed to make it to the NCAA championship game was #8 seeded Villanova in 1985.

When was the Kentucky wildcats' first NCAA championship?

In college basketball that was 1948 when they defeated Baylor, 58-42, in the finals to win the NCAA Division I basketball title.

Who were the NCAA basketball champions in 1963?

Loyola of Chicago defeated the University of Cincinnati, 60-58, in the finals to win the 1963 NCAA Division I basketball championship.

What is the lowest score in NCAA tournament finals history?

53 uconn 41 butler

What teams remain in the Men's NCAA Basketball Finals?

No teams remain because it is over.

What is the lowest score in NCAA mens basketball?

-78. The score of the 1879 Men's BB Finals in Dublin, Ireland. The IRA beat the guys with the beaver hats 215 to -78

What is the lowest score in an NCAA mens basketball game?


Who won the 1985 NCAA men basketball Championship?

Villanova defeated Georgetown, 66-64, in the finals to win the 1985 NCAA Division 1 basketball national championship.

Where will this years womens NCAA finals be played?

The 2010 NCAA Division 1 Womens Basketball Tournament will be played in San Antonio Texas

Where was the site of the first NCAA men's basketball championship?

The finals of the 1939 NCAA Division I basketball championship, the first ever, was played at Patten Gymnasium in Evanston, Illinois which was home to the Northwestern University basketball team.

Lowest scoring NCAA mens basketball tourny game?


What is the lowest scoring NCAA mens basketball game?

Possibly 0-0?

What years did Villanova go to NCAA basketball finals?

1971 (lost to UCLA) and 1985 (beat Georgetown).

What was Last lowest seeded team to win the ncaa basketball title?

The Boston TeaBaggers.

What is lowest seeded team to win NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Villanova (#8) in 1985

What is the lowest seed to make it to the NCAA basketball Final Four?

The lowest seeded team to make it all the way to the Final Four in the NCAA basketball tournament was an 11 seed and it happened four times:11 seeded LSU in 198611 seeded George Mason in 200611 seeded VCU in 201111 seeded Wichita State in 2013