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14 ppg by Kevin Garnett this year.

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Q: What is the lowest scoring average of a NBA all star?
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What koby bryants nba scoring average?

His scoring average this season so far is 26.8 points a game

What is is the lowest scoring NBA game ever?

the lowest scoring NBA game ever before the shot clock was in 1950 at Minneapolis Lakers home court vs Fort Wayne pistons, the final score was 19-18, pistons won. after the shot clock, the lowest scoring game was Boston vs Milwaukee, the final score was 62-57, Boston won.

Who led the New Jersey Nets in scoring average in the 2006 NBA Playoffs?

Vince Carter led the team in scoring.

Which player has the higher per game scoring average in NBA history?

Michael Jordan : 30.1ppg

Which two nba teammates had the highest scoring average in a season?

Chamberlain and Arizin 1961-62

What is the highest NBA scoring average for a bench player?

The highest average of basketball is 14 points a game for a benched player.

What is Michael Jordan's lowest scoring nba game?

At least at the time, Michael Jordan's score of 6 points in the Washington Wizards loss to the Indiana Pacers on Thursday of December 27nd was his lowest scoring NBA game. By doing so he ended a league record streak of 866 consecutive games with double-digit scoring. In the next game two nights later he bounced right back with 51 points against the Charlotte Hornets.

Who won NBA scoring in NBA in 10-11?

kevin durant

What are the release dates for Scoring the Deal - 2013 NBA Star Jordan Farmar Looks in New Jersey While NFL Davis Brothers Sell in Miami - 1.2?

Scoring the Deal - 2013 NBA Star Jordan Farmar Looks in New Jersey While NFL Davis Brothers Sell in Miami - 1.2 was released on: USA: 8 January 2013

Who is first in the NBA in scoring?

Kevin durant

Who has the second lowest payroll in the NBA?

Which nba team has the second lowest payroll

What is the lowest score by a team in an NBA game?

The lowest scoring game in NCAA history was between North Carolina and Pittsburgh in 1941. Their combined score was only 46.