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14 ppg by Kevin Garnett this year.

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2010-03-31 16:14:31
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Q: What is the lowest scoring average of a NBA all star?
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What is the lowest scoring game in NBA history?

The lowest scoring game in NBA history was on November 22,1950. Fort Wayne Pistons beat the Minneapolis Lakers 19-18 in Fort Wayne, Indiana

What is is Kobe bryants lowest scoring game during his NBA career?


What is the lowest scoring nba game?

The lowest game ever is hornets beat the pacers 5-2 in 2011

What koby bryants nba scoring average?

His scoring average this season so far is 26.8 points a game

What was the lowest scoring NBA basketball game?

Minneapolis Lakers 19-18 in 1950.

What was the highest scoring nba all-star game ever?


Who leads the the NBA in scoring average this season?

kobe bryant

What was the score in the lowest scoring game in NBA history?

The lowest scoring game in the nba was in 1950 where the fort Wayne pistons beat the Minneapolis lakers 19-18 with only 4 baskets each, and after that game they came up with the shot clock, and the lowest scoring game with a shot clock was 62-57 where Boston beat Milwaukee.

Who is the top scoring NBA star of all time?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

What is the Lowest Scoring Quarter in NBA Finals History?

the lowest scoring quarter in finals history belongs to the 2009 finals, game 2, 1st quarter between the LA Lakers and the Orlando Magic.

What is the lowest scoring game ever played by the Bulls?

The Bulls scored 49 points against the Miami heat on 4/10/1999. This is the lowest scoring game by any team in NBA history.

What is is the lowest scoring NBA game ever?

the lowest scoring NBA game ever before the shot clock was in 1950 at Minneapolis Lakers home court vs Fort Wayne pistons, the final score was 19-18, pistons won. after the shot clock, the lowest scoring game was Boston vs Milwaukee, the final score was 62-57, Boston won.

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