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it is a tie ahaha at 0

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Q: What is the lowest scoring CFL game ever?
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What is the highest scoring CFL game ever?

Toronto beat B.C. 68-43 for a combined 111 points on Sept 1st, 1990.

Has a CFL game ever ended in 1-0?


What was the highest scoring CFL grey cup game?

In 1989, a record 83 points were scored in the Grey Cup Game, as the Saskatchewan Roughriders defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 43-40.

What is the lowest CFL score of all time?


What is the least amount of points ever scored in a Canadian Football League game?

The CFL record book lists two exceptionally low-scoring games, but both games occurred prior to the formation of the CFL in 1958. On September 20, 1947, Toronto defeated Hamilton 2-0. On October 10, 1949, Calgary defeated Winnipeg 3-0.

What was the lowest scoring CFL game ever?

Probably the '75 Grey Cup. Edmonton beat Calgary 9-8 ======================================= Back in the late fifties or early sixties there was a Western Conference playoff game involving the Edmonton Eskimos and (I think) the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in which the final score was 4-2 in favour of the Eskies. Contrary to what you might think, it was actually an exciting game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Back in 1949 (October 10th, to be precise), Calgary defeated Winnipeg 3-0. On September 20, 1947, Toronto defeated Hamilton 2-0. There has never been a scoreless tie in CFL history, nor has any game ended in a 1-0 score.

What is the highest shutout in CFL game?


First CFL grey cup?

The CFL was formed in 1958; the 1958 Grey Cup saw Winnipeg Blue Bombers defeat Hamilton Tiger-Cats 35-28. The game is considered to have been one of the most exciting ever.

What are the most points scored in a pro football game?

The most points scored in an NFL game is 113, when the Redskins beat the Giants 72-41 in 1966. The CFL's highest-scoring game came in 1990, when Toronto beat British Columbia 68-43, for a combined 111 points.

How many referees in a CFL football game?


Was a CFL grey cup ever been canceled or stopped due to weather?

Yes. The 1962 Grey Cup game was played on a Saturday, and it was stopped because of fog. They resumed the game the following day.

How many time outs per CFL football game?


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