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Q: What is the lowest score you can get in tenpin bowling?
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What is the lowest score you can have with 8 strikes when bowling tenpin?

150 would be the lowest possible score. XX-XX-XXXX--

What is the maximum score of bowling?

In standard tenpin bowling, a 300 is a perfect score.

In bowling does the highest score win or the lowest?

lowest score wins bowling

How many points are needed for the game ten pin bowling?

A perfect score in tenpin bowling is 300.

What is the record score for 5 man team game in tenpin bowling?


What is the perfect score in bowling?

The maximum score in tenpin bowling is 300. This consists of getting 12 strikes in a row in one game, and is also known as a perfect game.

What are bowling's main rules?

It depends on if you are speaking of the American Tenpin Bowling, Canadian Tenpin Bowling, Duckpin bowling, Candlepin bowling, etc.

What is the lowest scored game in bowling ever?

The lowest score possible in bowling is zero.

What is a tenpin?


When was British Tenpin Bowling Association created?

British Tenpin Bowling Association was created in 1961.

Who holds Australian tenpin bowling records?

Tenpin bowling records in Australia between 1962 - 1965

Is bowling an eaxample of indoor game?

Tenpin Bowling is