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Q: What is the lowest first innings score in test match cricket?
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Which team scored lowest score in first innings in test match cricket?

south africe in 1924 againest England

What scores were scored in the first international cricket match?

The first recorded international cricket match was played in 1876/77 in Melbourne. It was a match between England and Australia. Australia scored 245 in the first innings England scored 196 in the first innings Australia scored 104 in the second innings England scored 108 in the second innings Thus Australia won the match by 45 runs.

What was the lowest test match score?

The lowest score in a Test match innings belongs to the New Zealand team that played against England on the 25th March 1955 in the 2nd Test. The lowest combined score from both innings of a Test match is 185 by South Africa against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, 12 February 1932, 5th Test Match. Their combined 36 and 45 from the first and second innings respectively brought them 81 runs from the entire test match.

What is the lowest winning score in Test cricket?

The lowest number of runs scored by a single team to win a Test match is 153, scored in a single innings by Australia, who beat South Africa by an innings margin.

What is Australia's lowest ever cricket score?

Australia's lowest total in a Test match innings was recorded at Edgbaston against England in 1902. Australia were bowled out for 36.

What is lowest score of pakistan in one day international cricket match vs zimbabwe?

The lowest score by Pakistan in a completed One Day International match against Zimbabwe is 147/3, a game which the Pakistan team won by six innings. The only match in which Pakistan's innings total was lower than this, was a match which finished with no result.

Who has scored the most runs in a single first-class innings cricket?

Brian Lara. He got 500 not out. He also scored the highest single test match innings with 400.

What is the most number of innings a team can have in cricket?

Two in a Test match an one in all other forms of cricket

Which team holds the record for the lowest innings total in test match?

Canada holds the record for the lowest innings total of 36 vs SriLanka in ODI.

In cricket what is a first class century?

'First class' cricket is usually defined as a match in which both teams have the possibility of having two innings each. Although the term usually refers to domestic competition it does, by definition, include international test cricket. Therefore a 'first class century', is 100 runs scored by a single batsmen in a single innings of first class cricket.

Has any cricket team been bowled out for zero?

The lowest score in a Major cricket or first-class cricket match is 6 all out, scored by a team named The B's against England. Just three scoring strokes were made during their innings, including one boundary scored by John Wells.

In a test cricket match what is the most innings a side can have?

In a test match, played over five days, each side can have a maximum of two innings and an obvious minimum of one inning.

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