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The lowest ever score by Australia in Test Cricket against India is 83 at Melbourne in 1981.

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Q: What is the lowest ever score of Australia against India in Test Cricket?
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How many cricket test matches has India won in Australia?

India has won 5 tests against Australia since 1949

Who will Australia play at cricket Boxing Day 2011?

Australia will be playing against India on Boxing Day 2011

What is the lowest score earned by India in a 1-day international cricket match?

54 against Sri Lanka.

What is the highest score earned by India in a 1-day international cricket match against Australia?

354/7 at Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur, India. India won the match by 99 runs.

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Which team has scored highest runs against Australia in first innings of One Day Cricket?

354 by India at Nagpur.

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When did India win its first test match?

The last time that India beat Australia in a cricket match was July 2, 2013. The team from India beat Australia by more than 47 runs in Darwin, Australia.

Is India stronger than Australia in cricket?

of course india is stronger than australia can be inferred from the last nightmare tour australia had in INDIA.....

Which cricket team won three consecutive worldcups?

India won by 43 runs against west indies. INDIA WON THE 3RD CRICKET WORLD CUP.

What is the country name that has lost maximum matches in cricket World Cup?

India. - Team India has lost 12,489 matches internationally, mostly against Australia and Istanbul.

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