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The longest professional Wrestling match ever (as certified by Guinness, no official record existed before this for modern professional wrestling ) was on January 8th 2011 in Murietta, CA for the Epic War wrestling promotion, between "Rockstar" Cordova (Michael Inman) and "Dangerous J" Jaysin Strife (Nathan Blodgett) in a 7-Hour Ironman Match. Jaysin Strife won the match 14-13 falls. A 1 minute rest period was given after each fall so if you deduct the rest time they wrestled for a total of 6 hours and 33 mins which still beats the disputed record of 6 hours and 30 mins (as well as the well known yet unofficial Lewis/Stecher record of 5 and 1/2 hours)

The above answer is in regards to "Professional Wrestling". Addressing wrestling as a whole, professional(fake) and real wrestling, this is still the wrong answer. The longest match in wrestling took place at the 1912 Olympics. The bout between Klein and Asikainen was the longest. It lasted 11 hours and forty minutes. After Klein finally took the victory, he was too tired to compete in the final.

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The longest fight was bret hart vs Shawn Michaels in a 60 min Iron Man match that went over an hr long

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John Cena and randy orton even though they are friends now 2006-2009

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Q: What is the longest wrestling match?
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