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cross country Cross country is an athletics event but does not count as Track and Field. The longest standard race on a track is 10000m but the longest event in track and field is 50km walk (although the majority is done on roads).

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Q: What is the longest track and field event?
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Is cross country a track or field event?

Cross country is not a track and field event

Is the long jump a track event or a field event?

a field event.

What event includes track and field activities?

Track And Field

Is hurdles a track or field event?


Is the high jump a track or field event?

I'm not positive but I have learned that it is a field event. It has nothing to do with the track. It contains running in the beginning on the FIELD.

Is the javelin considered a track and field event?

Yes, it is a throwing event and therefore a field event.

Is pole vault a track or fiend event?

Field event, all events that ur not actually on the track are field events!

A summer Olympics event?

track and field

Long jump is a track or field?

Long jump is a field event.

A summer Olympic event with 13 letters?

track and field

Is there an indoor track and field event at the winter Olympics?


What is a 5 track and field event called?


Is there a game called Discus in the Olympics?

Yes, the discus is a track and field event. A heavy disc, called a discus is thrown, the longest throw wins the game.

What is the last track and field event?

The last track and field event is the 4 by 4. Which is a relay that consists of 4 different runners each running 400 meters.

Who is a starter in track and field event?

The starter is usually the person who shoot the gun or is the person recording time in track and field

Enumerate the different officials in track and field event?

different track and field officials arereferescorerjudgespeed timerover all refeere

Are the hurdles considered a field event?

No, hurdles are a track event. The event takes place on the track. Field events are those that are competed in the 'field' located within the track. Field events are long jump, high jump, javelin, discus, hammer throw, shot put, pole vault, and triple jump.

In which track and field event is a pole used?

Pole Vault

Who is the only team event in track and field?

Relay events.

Point wise difference between track and field event?

Basically we can actually easy differentiate track event from field event. They differ on the events that is being held on it. In track events which is likely running is being played while in the field events games such as jumping ,throwing is always been undertake.

How many players are on the field for track and field?

The only people who should be on the field are those participating in a field event at that moment

What event at the Olympics draws the most spectators?

Track and Field or swimming.

Is a javelot a sport?

Yes, Javelin is a sport. It is a track and field event.

In which year did the first African win a track and field event?


What are the two events in track and field?

the two event are running and jumping