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of couse it was the 42 hour match in qatar

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Q: What is the longest soccer game in history?
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Longest Soccer Game ever?

longest soccer game ever was 68 hours

What is the longest championship in sports history?

Worldcup Soccer

What is the longest soccer game?

68 hours

Longest game played in one sitting?

the answer is soccer

How long was the longest women's world cup soccer game?

the longest world cup game was 45 minutes

How long was the the longest soccer match ever played?

the longest football game was 42 hours and 5 minutes, this game broke the world's Guinness record for the longest football match. The event was held in Qatar by Snickers through a campaign called " Make football history" why am i talking about football, im supposed to be talking about soccer.

What was the longest MOB baseball game ever played?

The longest game is 31 innings. I think that is like 8 hours. (Soccer is awesome)

What is the second-longest running game show in history?

The second-longest running game show in television history is To Tell the Truth. It debuted in 1956, the same year The Price is Right (the longest running game show in television history) debuted.

What was the longest game in basketball history?

the longest basketball game in history was played by duke and north carolina-chapel hill it was played for 58 hours

What is the longest video game?

"Pong" is officially known as the longest video game in history. Scientists did tests on it and concluded that with the game's intense action and enhanced graphics, and it's amazing online play, "Pong" was voted as the Longest game in Video game History.

Philadelphia flyers - Longest Overtime game?

the Philadelphia Flyers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 2-1 on May 4, 2000. This is the third longest game in NHL history but the longest game in modern NHL history.

What was the longest playoff game in NBA history?


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