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Q: What is the longest six in a T20 match ever?
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Who hit the longest six in T20?

Shaid Afridi hit a massive six 157 meters,If You are talking about The largest six hit by pakistani in T20 , then i'll vouch for ishbah , He hit the longest T20 WorlDCup six in 2007

Who hit the longest six in t20 cricket?

Kieron Pollard-128m

Who has hit the longest six in all t20 cricket?

Shahid Afridi( 157 meters)

What was the greatest cricket match ever?

It would have to be the final match of group B of Champions League T20 2011. It was between South Australian Redbacks and Royal Challengers Bangalore. It was remarkable in many ways (It was a T20 by the way): Dan harris (SAR) got a century, which is not very common in T20. Shaun Tait (also SAR) got 5 wickets, which you rarely see in T20. SAR made the highest first innings total in a ClT20 match. Still SAR lost. It was the highest succesful run chase in a T20. It had the highest runs scored (429) in a T20 match ever. A bowler from the winning side(RCB) had the second worst figures in a T20 match (0-69 in four overs). It was a last ball six match, and not any ordinary one. RCB needed *exactly* 6 runs from the last ball.

Who hit the longest six in international cricket match?

Boom boom afridi hits longest six.

How can you get a six dart finish in a game of 301?

I believe the most common or favorite ways of doing it are D20-T20-T20, T20-T19-D12 or D20-T20-T20, T20-T15-D18.

Who hit the longest six ever and how long was it?

Aiden Craig Blizzard of Southern Redbacks hit the longest six, over 150 meters away against the bowler Nathan Bracken at WACA Ground, while playing for Victoria in a 20/20 final match.

Which Indian player has hit six sixes in an over in a T20 match?

My all time favorite player "Yuvraj Singh".He made in bowling of Broad.

Who hit biggest six in t20 world cup?

Yuvraj Singh of India hit biggest six in t20 world cup. It was 119 m long six.

What was the distance of the longest six in IPL 2011?

Adam gilchrist hit a six over 120 meters long in the match against Bangalore. That is the longest so far in 2011

Who has hit the longest six in t20 cricket?

Adam Gilchrist 122 m on 17th May 2011 playing for KXIP vs. RCB @IPL 4

What was the longest six ever recorded in cricket?

The longest six ever recored in cricket was when James Francis who played for Harrow St Marys cricket club hit a huge six mesuring 194m and this was a world recored and he went on to score 234 not out.

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