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The longest play you can make in the NFL is for a receiver in the end zone to run a kickoff back for a touchdown. A lot of players have done it.

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Q: What is the longest single play in the nfl?
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What is NFL longest pass play from a quarterback to himself?

-1 yards

What is shakespeares longest role in a single 'play?

Hamlet. It's Shakespeare's longest play, and Hamlet talks for 37% of it.

What team has the longest winning streak against a single opponent in the NFL?

Redskins over the Lions

How many players in NFL are allowed on field for single play?


What was Longest NFL play?

99 yards is the maximum possible, and that feat has occurred multiple times.

Longest timed play in nfl history?

The longest career in NFL history belongs to the great George Blanda. Blanda played 26 season as a kicker and quarterback for Oakland, Baltimore, Houston, and Chicago.

What is the most Heisman Trophy winners to play in a single nfl game?


How old was the longest career player in the nfl when he retired?

Jeff Feagles he play for the NewYork Giants. He is still playing.

Longest pass play in NFL?

it was 83 yards thrown by Don meredith to bob Hayes (dallas cowboys)

Who is the only man to play an NFL game and an MLB game in a single day?

Bo jackson

What is the Longest run in NFL playoff game?

Well if your only talking about a run play from scrimmage, Fred Taylor's 90-yard touchdown run in January 2000 vs. Miami is the longest run play in NFL playoff history! The second longest being Ray Rice's 83-yard touchdown run on the first snap from scrimmage against the New England Patriots

What is the longest home winning streak against a single opponent in the NFL?

Packers have beaten the Lions 19 times at home. Not sure if that is the record yet or not.

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