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the longest shot on record was 2430 meters (over 2600 yards) with a M82A1 SASR. it was made by a Canadian sniper team in Afghanistan

Now it is correct.

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Q: What is the longest shot with a 50 caliber BMG?
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Related questions

Longest recorded 50 bmg shot?

the longest recorded kill was 1149 yards,but that may have been eclipsed this year in afgan.I just do not know what caliber ws used.

When was the 50 caliber invented?

The 50 BMG - @ 1910.

How much is a 50 caliber rifle?

For a .50 BMG rifle, $3000 and up, with $3000 being just for a basic, bolt action single shot model.

What is the longest distance a marine sniper ever shot a target from?

The longest distance that a marine sniper has ever shot a target from is 2286 meters. This was accomplished in February 1967 using .50 BMG ammunition.

What caliber are sniper rifles?

22 LR up to and beyond 50 BMG

What caliber rifle was used in the movie the shooter?

open shot 7.62 nato, then 50 BMG later a remington 700 in 308 and a M4 in 5.56 nato

Is a desert eagle a 50 caliber?

The Desert Eagle was made in several caliber, including .50 Action Express, which is NOT the same cartridge as the .50 BMG used in the Barrett rifle.

What does bmg in bmg rifle stand for?

The 12.7x99mm/Caliber .50 cartridge used in rifles such as the Barret M82, MacMillan Tac-50, and others, as well as in the M2 machine gun is known as the .50 BMG - not the weapons themselves. BMG stands for "Browning Machine Gun", as the cartridge was developed for the Browning M2 machine gun.

Are .50 calibre rifles legal in Western Australia?

If you mean the .50 BMG (there ARE other .50 caliber cartridges) it is a restricted firearm, requires licensing. There was a move to ban further imports of .50 cal BMG AMMO and rifles, but do not know where that stands.

What caliber rifle will shoot 1000 yards?

Everything fron 22 LR to 50 BMG.

What is the value of a 50 caliber bullet?

It depends. A box of 10 .50 BMG cartridges are something like $25 or $30. .50 AE is much cheaper. There are also other types of 50 caliber ammo and bullets.

What is the biggest caliber you an get?

The biggest caliber an American civilian shooter can easily get is .50 BMG. This is the round that .50 Browning machine guns use. There are bigger calibers out there. Some elephant rifles use cartridges that fire a .60 caliber bullet. If you have the right paperwork and permits from the federal government, you can buy a small cannon and shoot 30mm or larger rounds. But among "common" rifle and pistol calibers, the .50 BMG is king of the hill.

There was a gun that was outlawed cause it was too strong what was it?

You MAY be referring to the .50 BMG caliber rifle, which was banned in the State of California.

Is the 14.5mm round the same as a 50cal?

No. A 14.5 mm round is about .57 caliber. The .50 BMG cartridge is a 12.7x 99mm round.

What is the range of a 50 caliber rifle?

If you mean a rifle chambered for the .50 BMG cartridge, such as the Barrett M82, the EFFECTIVE range is about 5,900 feet. The rifle weighs about 30 pounds, and sells for about $9,000.

Was drake shot?

Yes he was, he was shot with a 50 caliber sniper rifle and survived!

How much is a 50 Caliber Gun are bullets?

For .50 BMG, ammo is about $4.50 to $5 per cartridge for ordinary ball ammo. Some specialty ammo is MUCH more expensive.

What is the difference between bullets 50cal and 308cal?

The .50 caliber is larger in diameter than the .308. If you are referring to the bullets for the .50 BMG and the .308 Winchester, the .50 is MUCH heavier, and much longer than the .308.

What is the age and value of a 50 BMG LAR Grizzly?

The LAR Grizzly is not chambered for .50 BMG. LAR made a pistol called the Grizzly Mark V chambered for .50AE, and they currently make a single-shot rifle in .50BMG called the Big Boar.

What is the biggest caliber handgun in the world?

There has been a revolver made in caliber .600 Nitro Express. This was an elephant rifle cartridge. As a firearm, it is a curiosity, and not a practical shooting firearm. There are also unconfirmed reports of a Maadi bolt action pistol in caliber .50 BMG.

What is the best handgun for shooting a bear?

Single shot 50 BMG Yes, that would work. You can shoot one with whatever handgun you wish to use. Just be sure you can run faster than whichever bear you pick to shoot if you pick a caliber that does not kill it.

What is the highest caliber machine gun?

The highest caliber machine gun in standard use is the .50 Cal. Gatling guns are used in 20mm caliber. XXXXXXXXX Russia and China use a heavy machine gun larger than the .50 cal BMG- it is the Vladmirov KDV (for the Russians), in caliber 14.5mm x 115.

How much does a 50 caliber round cost?

Ball ammo for the .50 BMG on the civilian market sells for about $3.50- 4.25 per cartridge. I have no idea what the military pays per cartridge, but it would be less than that.

How much does a 50 bmg bullet cost?

The cost of a 50 cal. BMG bullet is about $3,000 if you go to the right store!!

What weapon shoots the farthest?

As rifles go, the 50 BMG shoots the farthest with accuracy. The BMG stands for Browning Machine gun. This is the standard 50 caliber machine gun bullet used today as the model M2. The rifle is available as a bolt action or semi-automatic version. It is used for specialized long distance sniper missions.