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Standard Shogi could possibly be played infinitely without the repetition rule, but usually it can go up to 400 moves or higher. When we reach situations like Impasse, we usually agree on a rule which determines who will win the game, for example, bringing your king to the opponent's throne or determining which side has more material.

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2126 moves were played between gramaster Chong and and master Taumau

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Q: What is the longest shogi game ever played in terms of number of moves?
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Shotest Shogi happened in 360.

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Many shogi sets are available in Japan. Or you can search for a shop online that deals with shogi equipment.

When was Shotest Shogi created?

Shotest Shogi was created in 2008-06.

What is the birth name of Shogi Silver?

Shogi Silver's birth name is Shawgi Abbas Silver.

What is Japanese chess?

The Japanese variant of chess is called Shogi and is played on a different board with a different set of rules.

What is the name for Japanese chess?

Shogi .

What is chess game in japan?

Shogi .

Where might one find out more information about the game Shogi?

One can find out more information about the game Shogi from many different places. One can find more information about Shogi from a gaming site, like gamefaqs, or from an expert on this game.

What is Japan's international board game called Shogi?

Shogi is Japan's equivalent of the Western world's game of chess, known to some as International Chess.

What are the culture that use chess?

Chess is played in many countries across the world, although certain cultures may have their own local variants, such as Shogi or Xhangqi.

Is shogi a Japanese game?

Yes it is. It is the Japanese equivalent of chess.

When was shogi invented?

Shogi was a variant of Chaturanga founded in the early days of Japan when the ancient Indic board game spread to many parts of the world, sometime around 600-700AD.