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The longest is the 4th Hole at Stowmarket Golf Club in Suffolk. This hole is on the limit of the recommended length for a par 3 of 250 yards as advised by CONGU, the governing body of Golf in the UK.

The second longest Par 3 Hole on a Golf Course in the UK is the 5th Hole at Beckenham Place Park Golf Course, which is 247 yards.

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Q: What is the longest par 3 golf hole in England?
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Can there be more than a par 7 for a hole in golf?

Par 5 is the longest hole for a golf course.

What is the longest golf hole in the world?

Satsuki Golf Club in Japan has the world's longest golf hole. Their seventh hole is a par 7, 964 Yards long!

What is the longest golf hole?

The world's longest golf hole is currently the 7th hole at Satsuki Golf Club, Sano, Japan. The Par 7 is 964 yards long. If you make a birdie, you are given a bottle of wine to celebrate.

What US golf course has the longest hole?

The Links Golf Course in Post Falls, Idaho has a 777 yard Par 6.

What in golf describes a score of one par on a particular hole?

Par for the hole.

Is there a par 8 golf hole?


What is the longest golf hole in US?

Meadow Farms Golf Course Locust Grove, Virginia #12, 841 yards, par 6

What is the longest par 3 golf hole?

The 19th hole on The Legends course at The Legends Golf and Safri Resort in South Africa is the world's longest par 3. It is 474 Yards long but the tee is on top of a mountain 1410 feet up, the tee is only accessible by helicopter. A hole in one on this hole is worth $1million.

What is par in golf?

A par in golf is the number of shots it should take to make it in a given hole.

What is the highest par rating in golf?

There is a hole in Japan that is par 9

What is a birdy in golf?

One under par for a given hole in golf.

What is a eagle in golf?

A eagle in golf is when you score 2 under par on a hole. For example on a par 5 you make it in the hole in 3 shots or par 4 in 2 shots

3 on a par 5 hole in golf?


What is a 3 in a 5 par golf hole?

It's an eagle. 1 under par on a hole = birdie 2 under par on a hole = eagle 3 under par on a hole = double eagle

What is par on a 500 meter golf hole?

A 500 metre hole would be around 550 yards. This would be a par 5, however, on the pro tour it could possibly be a par 4 in the near future, the longest par 4 as of far has been 519 yards.

In golf what is a hole completed in one under par called?

One under par on a hole is called a "birdie".

What is one under par?

A birdie is a golf hole played one under par.

Describe a birdie in golf?

In golf a birdie is one under par on a given hole. So a 2 on a par 3, 3 on a par 4 and 4 on a par 5.

What is a Bogie in golf?

A bogey is what you get when you complete a hole in one more stroke than what is par for that hole. Par is the number of strokes you are supposed to take on a given hole and there are par 3's,4's, and 5's on a golf course

What is an eagle in golf?

2 under par for a given hole.

What is an albatros in golf?

3 under par on a particular hole.

What is three under par in golf?

A Hole in One, or an Albatross.

What is One under par in golf?

For a given hole, a birdie.

What does bogey in golf mean?

One over par on a hole.

What do get when you score a 3 on a par 5 hole in golf?

An Eagle.