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patriots 59 to titans 0

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Q: What is the longest lead in an NFL football game?
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What football is used in an NFL game?

a football

What Professional NFL Football team has the longest history of football?

Chicago Bears. Second is Pittsburgh

In the NFL football who is in the lead?

2010: Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is the longest two NFL football teams have gone undefeated at the same time the longest?

Patriots and the dolphins

Who recorded the longest punt in the NFL?

The longest punt in NFL history was 98 yards by Steve O'Neal of the New York Jets in a game against the Denver Broncos in 1969. Although the kick was made before the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 (the Jets and Broncos were American Football League teams), the punt is still recognized as the longest punt in the history of the NFL.

Who is the longest playing football player in the NFL?

George Blanda Oakland Raiders

What is the longest throw for a pro football quarterback?

99-yards is the NFL record

What was the longest game in NFL?

The longest game in NFL history was between the Dolphins and Chiefs. The game went for 83 minutes (into double overtime too). The dolphins won by a field goal.

What does LG mean in NFL standings?

Longest GainIt's the longest reception caught in the game.

What is organised game in football?

the nfl you idiot

What was the longest football game ever played?

The longest game in NFL history was a playoff game between the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs on December 25, 1971. The game went one full overtime period and 7:40 into the second before Garo Yepremian kicked a field goal to give Miami a 27-24 victory.The longest college football game was in 2001 when Arkansas defeated Mississippi 58-56 in 7 overtimes.That was the longest NFL game, but the longest PROfootball game every played was when the LA Express beat Mich Panthers 27-21 in USFL playoffs. The game lasted 93 minutes 33 seconds

Can you get a copy of an NFL football game?

To get a copy of a NFL football game, find someone who has recorded it and ask for a copy. You can even find the games online.

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