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I got 24 hours and 22 minutes and i am only 12yrs old..

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Q: What is the longest hula hooping for a 12 year old?
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How can you beat the longest 9 year old hula hooping record?


How old was kym coberly when she sent the record for longest time hula hooping?

Kym Coberly was 32 years old when she set the record for the longest time hula hooping in 1980, hula hooping for 90 hours.

How does a 6 year old beat the world record for hula hooping the longest?


What is the longest time a kid has ever hula hooped in 2011?

Hula hooping record for nine year old girl is 12 min.

What is the record for longest time hula hooping by a 9 year old?

35 mins and 23 seconds is a fair amount of time for a nine-year-old, but records are not kept for specific ages.

Longest hula hoop record for a ten year old?

These are the verified world records.Longest time spent hula-hooping: 72 hours, by Kym CoberlyMost hula hoops hooped at once: 132, by Paul BlairLargest hula hoop hooped: 15.7m, by Bao ZongyaoHula Running: For one mile, 7 hours and 47 minutes, by Paul BlairFastest Hula Hoop spinning: 211 (revolutions per minute), by Xia TaoThey dont say just for 11 year olds

What is the Longest hula hoop record for a 10 year old -Cody whitehead 1998- hula hooped for 46 min. and 50 seconds?

On March 19, 2011, 10-year-old Alyssa in Tucson, AZ, hula-hooped continuously for 1 hour 26 minutes 53.7 seconds. This was photographed and witnessed. Alyssa has been hula-hooping since she was five and broke her previous record of 1 hour 3.7 seconds (March 2, 2005).

What is the longest time hula hooping for an 11 year old?

IDKi dont know look it up on google, yahoo, bing,or somethin like that.LOL

Longest hula hoop record for 9 year old?

1hr 20min.

What is a world record a nine year old girl can beat?

A nine year old girl could potentially beat the world record for the 100m run in her age group, or for an event such as the longest time spent hula hooping.

Longest hula hoop record for a 9 year old?

Robert Gary Josephberg in 1957 at age 7 did it 10,500 times in front of hundreds of onlookers in Yonkers, NY. NYC papers reported on this record and were also in atttendence to memorialize the event.

What is the longest hula hooping world record?

There are currently 3 world records relating to hula hooping. 1) Sinead O'Reilly the 7 year old daughter of a travelling family Hula Hooped non stop for 187 days 4 hours in a church hall in Blackburn in 1985. 2) 11 year old Jack Collins from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales successfully kept a total of 2,346 hula hoops in motion for the required 4mins in 1897 using his head, neck, arms, all 10 fingers, his torso, and both legs. He did this balancing on his big toes and looked like a slinky having an epileptic fit. 3) Peter Robson, 6, from Sunderland managed to fit 642 Hula Hoops in his mouth in 2011. He did this by chewing them and pushing the mushed up potato snack into his cheeks to create more space, much like a hamster.