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8700 yards

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โˆ™ 2012-03-18 15:58:45
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Q: What is the longest golf game ever?
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Longest Soccer Game ever?

longest soccer game ever was 68 hours

What is the longest game ever played?

The longest game is 31 innings. I think that is like 8 hours.

What was the longest golf course?

Central Park is the longest golf course.

What is the longest card game ever played?

Im not to sure, but my longest ever one lasted about 1 hour...

What was the longest ever recorded game of Risk?

There is no record currently set for the longest game of Risk, though the longest reported game lasted over twelve hours.

Longest video game ever?

gears of war

Was there ever a perfect golf game played?

To me, just playing the game is perfect in itself....

What golf course was used in Greatest Game Ever Played?

Kanawaki Golf Club in Quebec, Canada.

What was the longest chess game ever played?

7 months

How long was the longest hockey game ever?

The longest NHL game ever played was 176:30 between Detroit and Montreal on March 24,1936 in Montreal with Detroit winning the game 1-0.

What is the world record for the longest televised golf putt?

The Longest televised putt in history is by short-game wizard Dave Pelz at Whistling Straits in the run-up to the 2004 PGA Championship. It was just over than 70 yards long. In 1981, Wogan set the world record for the longest successful golf putt ever televised, which was 33 yards (30.2m) at the Gleneagles golf course in a pro-celebrity TV programme on the BBC.

What was the longest MOB baseball game ever played?

The longest game is 31 innings. I think that is like 8 hours. (Soccer is awesome)

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