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Greg Best returned a fumble 94 yards in 1983.

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Q: What is the longest fumble return in Pittsburgh Steelers history?
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Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers active fumble recovery leader with 8 fumble recoveries?

Through the 2012 season, the Steelers active leader is quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, with 17 fumble recoveries.The active leader on defense is linebacker LaMarr Woodley, with 9.

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers all time leader in fumble recoveries?

The Steeler with the most all-time fumble recoveries is Terry Bradshaw with 25. Ernie Stautner is second with 23.

What is the longest fumble return in NFL history?

As of the 2007 season, the longest fumble return in NFL history is 104 yards and was done by Jack Tatum of the Oakland Raiders in 1972 and Aeneas Williams of the Arizona Cardinals in 2000.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers player recovered Kurt Warner's fumble in Super Bowl 43?

On Arizona's last play of the game, Kurt Warner's fumble was recovered by defensive end Brett Keisel.

What Cowboys player had the longest fumble recovery in Super Bowl history?

greg Ellis 98

What is the longest fumble return in NCAA history?

Comments: Akeem Green from Delaware state university has the longest fumble recovery for a touch down in FCS history against Morgan State university in 2007. ESPN #2 on top ten plays that night. Google longest fumble recovery for a touchdown in college football history Akeem Green play shows up. Green ran from the back of his in zone to score. It would been 109 yard return but was called 99 yard touchdown #FACTS

Longest fumble return in super bowl history?

It was 64 yards by Leon Lett in Super Bowl XXVII

How many points did the Pittsburgh Steelers defense score in 2008?

In 2008, the Steelers defense scored 18 points.Interception Return: Deshea Townsend (1), Tyrone Carter (1)Fumble Return: LaMarr Woodley (1)

Which Pittsburgh Steeler has 8 fumble recoveries?

Lamar Woodley

Who isCurrent Pittsburgh Steeler Fumble Recovery Leader?

Lamar woodley

Who tackled Fran tarkenton for the first safety in Super Bowl history?

Dwight white downed tarkenton after he fell on a fumble in the end zone to prevent the steelers from scoring a touchdown.

Who scored for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the New York Jets in the AFC championship game?

R Mendenhall TD run, Suishan FG, B Roethlisberger TD run, and W Gay returned fumble.

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