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The longest fumble return in NCAA football history was in 1995. It happened when Paul Rivers of Rutgers returned a fumble 100 yards for a touchdown.

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Q: What is the longest fumble return in NCAA history?
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Who holds the record for the longest punt return in Ncaa football history?

micheal jackson; -108 yards

What is the longest kickoff return in NCAA history?

Titus Young for Boise State November 14th 2009 vs Idaho State. 108 yards.

What is the longest win streak in the history of men's NCAA basketball?

The longest winning streak in men's NCAA basketball is 88 games by UCLA from 1971-1974.

What is the longest field goal attempt in NCAA football history?

72 yards

What is the longest home win streak in NCAA basketball history?

THE Wyoming Cattle

What NCAA Division you basketball team has the longest losing streak in history?

towson university

What is the longest in time NCAA Basketball game?

The longest game in NCAA basketball history was Cincinnati vs Bradly December 21 1981. The game was seven overtimes long and Cincinnati won 75-73.

WHich Team has the most wins in NCAA Footabll History?

Oklahoma won the most games in NCAA football history. They had th longest win streak in 1934-1936 with 40 wins before losing in their conference to Texas.

Who has the record for longest ncaa interception return for a touchdown and how many yards was it?

Kansas's Aqib Talib with a 102 yard return against Florida International in the 2007-2008 football season.

What is the longest game in NCAA baseball history?

Tonight, 5-30-31-09. Texas vs Boston College!!

Who has the NCAA record for the longest interception return for a touchdown?

in 04 the corner back #8 that went to usc against Texas it was 107 yards

What player has the longest touchdown run in NCAA history?

Isaac Redman of Bowie State University set the record for the longest run from scrimmage (99 yards) versus Morgan State University in 2005.

Who has the longest NCAA win streak in women's NCAA division I basketball?


Who is the best college football team?

The Miami Hurricanes, because they have the longest winning streak in ncaa history and the most 1st round draft pick.

What is the NCAA longest winning streak?


Who has the longest current winning streak in NCAA division 1 football?

The Ohio Stat university with 17 wins longest current winning streak in division 1 ncaa football

What is the longest rush for a QB in the NCAA?

52yards for a touchdown

Longest NCAA football rivalry?

Yale - Harvard

In college football is the play dead if a lateral touches the ground?

Any backward pass (which is what a lateral would be) that is not caught is a fumble in both the NCAA and the NFL.

Most wins in ncaa basketball history?

the University of Kentucky has the NCAA record for most wins in college basketball history

What is the longest NCAA lacrosse game?

funny that i see this, today Maryland and Virginia played, and they went into 7 overtime, uva won, and the announcers said it was the longest ncaa mens lax game ever

What is the the longest NCAA basketball rivalry?

Army Navy Rivalry.

Who has the longest losing streat in NCAA football?

Lock Haven

Who has the current longest streak of NCAA tournament appearance's?


What are the longest current streaks for NCAA basketball tournament appearances?

The longest streak is held by the University of North Carolina with 27 straight appearances in the NCAA tourney from 1975 (the first year that competition allowed more than one team from a conference to get a guaranteed bid) to 2001-the longest such streak in tournament history. Other streaks including the 2010 NCAA tournament, are Kansas (21)*, Duke (15), Michigan State (13), Gonzaga (12) Texas (12) Wisconsin (12), Pittsburgh (9). *Kansas missed the tournament in 1989 due to NCAA probation but have not missed the tournament in a normal season since 1983. Arizona has the second longest streak at 25 until 2010 when they failed to make the tournament.