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72 yards

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Q: What is the longest field goal attempt in NCAA football history?
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What football player had the longest rush in chargers history?

Antonio Cromartie. He rushed 109 yards against the Minesonta Vikings after a field goal attempt. Besides it was the longest rush in NFL History.

Who attempted the longest NFL field goal?

Sebastian janikowski of the Oakland raiders attempted a 72 yard field goal. that's the longst attempt in nfl history

Longest field goal attempt ever?

64 yard

What is the longest field goal attempt?

In NCAA Football Scott Lewis of Arizona State (in 1980) and Kevin Butler of Georgia (in the 1984 Citrus Bowl) attempted 72 yard field goals.

What is Florida's longest football home field winning streak?


Who kicked the longest field goal in Nebraska College football history?

Alex Henry kicked a 57 yard field goal to gain the lead over the Colorado Buffalo's in the 2008 season.

Is the longest field goal in history 64 yards?


What is the longest field goal in Alabama history?

dixie howell

Longest field goal ever made?

The longest field goal in the history of the NFL is 64 yards, by Matt Prater (2013).

What is longest field goal in American football?

Tom Dempsey and Jason Elam are tied for the longest with 63 yards.

Who kicked the longest field goal in colts history when and how long?

me you idiot!!

What is the longest missed field goal return in NFL history?

San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie returned Ryan Longwell's missed 57-yard field goal attempt 109 yards for a touchdown as the first half ended Sunday November 4th, 2007, in a game against the Minnesota Vikings. It was the longest play in NFL history.

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