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the longest event in the Olympics is the marathon

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Q: What is the longest event in time and distance in the Olympic games?
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What is the longest running event in the Olympic Games?

The longest running event in the Olympic Games in the marathon at a distance of 26 miles, 385 yards or 42.195 kilometers.

What is the longest distance olympic event?

At the 2008 Games in Beijing, that was 245.4 km in men's individual road race cycling.

What distance was the original Olympic Games event?

192 metres.

Who won the gold medal for the longest mustache at the London 2012 Olympic Games?

No such event

Which sporting event is held every leap year?

What major sporting event takes place in every leap year

What is the ancient olympic event?

The Olympic Games.

What is the Longest ongoing olympic sport?

The only event at the very first (classical) Olympic games was the Stadion foot race. A Stadion was about 200m, and women were not allowed to compete, so it would be fair to say that the Men's 200m is the oldest ongoing Olympic event, and therefore Athletics the oldest ongoing Olympic Sport.

How do they prepare for the olympic games?

The preparation for the Olympic Games depends on the event. However, years of intense preparation are usually necessary for any Olympic event.

The longest running olympic games?

The longest running games ever is attributed to one Robert Davies' Games, (actually spelled OLIMPICK Games) - the Games ran annually in Chipping Campden from 1612 to 1852 plus a resurrected games in 1951. This makes it the longest running games with 241 events. The Games always included the Main Event which was Shin Kicking! (OUCH!)

What is the ancient Olympic event called?

The Olympic Games.

What is the longest distance that will be raced in the canoe kayak sprints at the London 2012 Olympic Games?

1000 m for men and 500 m for women

Is the trampoline an olympic event?

Yes. Trampoline has been an Olympic event since the 2000 Games in Sydney.

What was the winning distance throw in the mens hammer event when Primoz Kozmus of Slovenia took Gold at the 2008 olympic games?

82.02 Metres

What to bring and not to bring in Olympic event?

bring peace to the olympic games :)

What is the history of track?

The ancient Olympic Games began in the year 776 BC. The marathon was not an event of the ancient Olympic Games. This is a modern event that started in 1896.

When did table tennis become an olympic event?

Table tennis became an Olympic event at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul.

What is the most important event of the Olympic Games?

The lighting of the Olympic Torch Flame.

What is the best event in the olympic games?


Come out and play is anthem of which event?

Olympic Games 2012

Are the olympic games more political event than a sporting event?


What is the newest Olympic event?

Women's boxing was added in the London 2012 Olympic games

Who is last entering the stadium at the Olympic Games?

The Olympic team of the nation hosting the event.

When did show jumping become an official Olympic Games event?

Show jumping also known as "stadium jumping", is an equestrian event that is common at all horse shows. It became an Olympic Games event in 1912 officially.

What are modern olympic games?

Olympic GamesThe olympic games is a event where all countries of their best players compete and win.

What is the longest running race in the olympic Games called?

the maraphon race