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The longest distance flown by any chicken is 301 1/2 feet. (as the crow flies)

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Q: What is the longest distance a chicken has flown?
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What is the longest time a chicken has flown in the air?

Chickens are not capable of sustained flight, so they cannot fly for long periods of time. They are capable of short bursts of flight to escape predators or reach a branch to roost, but they typically do not fly for more than a few seconds or a short distance.

What is the world's longest airplane?

Boeing 747-800i intercontinental. Flown by Lufthansa

What is the distance flown from Madrid to London?

785 miles / 1264km

How long is the longest balloon to ever flown in the macys thanksgiving day parade?

63 feet

How old is the longest living chicken?

I think the longest living chicken was 14 years old. I am not positive though.

What is the longest distance you can travel from north to south in Brazil?

The longest distance you can travel from north to south in Brazil is 2,731 miles. The longest distance east to west is 2,684 miles.

What is the longest a chicken has been in the air for?

According to several chicken trivia sites including Guinness World Book the longest verified flight of a domestic chicken is 13 seconds and 301.5 feet distance. I have several Araucana hens that would disagree with this record and a white German Shepard puppy that will gladly verify much longer time in air and distances involved.

What chicken has the longest tail?

Longest Tailed ChickenThe Japanese Onagadori has the longest tail.2nd Longest Tailed ChickenThe chicken with the longest tail and tail feather is the Japanese phoenix rooster, it tail feathers have a record length of 20 feet long.

How long did the hot air balloon float in the air?

The longest someone has flown in the air is 50 hours!

Has Chicken McNuggets been around the longest?


What is the actual flown distance between Bristol Amsterdam airports?

525km / 326.2miles

Where did they invent the airplane?

In 1901 they came up with the idea and 1903 it was flown a short distance.