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A U wedge is a utility wedge, i assume it is made by Ping. If so it is 50 degrees. If it is made by another company it is basically the same as a gap wedge, in which case it would have 50-52 degrees of loft.

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Q: What is the loft for a U wedge golf club?
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What is a wedge for a golf club?

A wedge is the highest lofted golf club in the bag. It has usually between 46 and 64 degrees of loft. The types of wedge are called pitching, gap, sand and lob. The shaft is about 35-36 inches long, so except for the putter it is the shortest club in the bag. The shorter shaft allows a greater attack angle, and more control. Recently u-grooves and spin milled faces have become very popular and this allows players to get a lot of spin on the ball.

Description of sand wedge golf clubs?

A sand wedge is one of the shortest clubs in the bag, it would be around 35.5 inches long. It has a face which is almost always a blade shape, not a cavity back. The bottom of the club usually has a lot of bounce, which prevents the club from digging, and helps get the ball out of bunkers easier. The loft of a sand wedge is either 54 or 56 degrees depending on manufacturer. The faces on modern day sand wedges has deep u grooves and spin milled faces which provide a lot more spin.

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What is a v wedge?

I assume you are referring to a wedge with v grooves. V groove wedges are obviously, wedges with v shaped grooves, not the u shaped ones which have been used for many years. This is a new rule by the R & A and USGA, which takes force in professional golf from 2010, high level amateur golf from 2014 and at club level from 2024.

What is a u wedge?

Utility wedge. Similar to a gap wedge or approach wedge.

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