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The local Super Twelve team for people living in Dunedin is the All Blacks. This team represents all of New Zealand. Other Rugby teams include the Kiwis.

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um it is now called the SUPER 14 but, the answer is the highlanders they play at carisbrook when they r playing at home

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So u want to know the answer we'll I don't know so yeah

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Q: What is the local super 12 rugby team in Dunedin?
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What is the Canterbury Super 14 rugby team?

The Crusaders

What team is the best at playing super rugby?


Super rugby league team based in christchruch?

The Crusaders.

What is the name of the wellington super 14 rugby team?


How many times have the SA Sharks rugby team won the super 14?

The Sharks franchise has never won a Super rugby final.

Which super league rugby league team has the most nationalities in their team?

leeds rhinos

What New Zealand rugby team plays at Eden Park?

Eden Park is the home of the Auckland provincial rugby union team and the Auckland Blues Super Rugby franchise.

What is the name of the wellington super 15 rugby team?

easy the Hurricanes.

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st helens

Which new zealand team is currently leading the super 15 rugby competition?

the chiefs