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anfield stadium

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Q: What is the liverpools new stadium called?
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What will Liverpools new stadium be called?

The proposed name of the new Liverpool stadium, scheduled to be open for the start of the 2012/13 season is 'Stanley Park Stadium'. However, it seems likely that the naming rights will be sold.

Is Liverpool's stadium the stadium of light?

No that's Sunderlands, Liverpools stadium is Anfield

Where are Liverpools ground?

Merseyside, England. Their stadium is known as Anfield.

What is liverpools football stadum called?


What is Brighton's new stadium called?

Falmer Stadium

What is the stadium of the New York Jets called?

Meadowlands Stadium

What is the new jets stadium called?

it is the MetLife Stadium :0)

Bon Jovi is the owner of giant stadium?

No, but they opened up the new stadium for the Giants called the New Meadowlands Stadium

What are other names for Yankee Stadium?

The old stadium was called "The House That Ruth Built","The Cathedral of Baseball" & "The Bronx Zoo". The new stadium is called "New Yankee Stadium", "Yankee Stadium II" & "The Big Ballpark in the Bronx".

Where is the home stadium of new England patriots?

In Foxboro, Massachusetts and it is called Gillette Stadium.

What is juventus stadium called?

The location of Juventus Stadium is Torino City in Italy.

What is the name of the new stadium where the Minnesota Twins will play this year?

The new stadium for the Twins is called Target Field. The stadium will open on April 12, 2010.