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Q: What is the list of names of all phila. 76ers since the begging?
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Why do scientists catorgrise animals with latin names?

Since all spoken languages today are continually changing and evolving, it is less useful to use them to categorize the animal phila, families, etc. Since Latin is a dead tongue, it can never truly be changed, and so it serves the purpose more readily.

What team does Jason Kapono play for?

Jason Kapono has been apart of the Philadelphia 76ers since he was traded on June 9 of 2009.

Who owns the Philadelphia 76ers?

Comcast-Spectacor.Yes, but since Comcast-Spectacor is 63% owned by Comcast, then Comcast actually owns the 76ers, the Flyers, ComcastSportnet.There is a group of owners who are as follows: Joshua Harris, Adam Aron, David Blitzer, Jason Levien, Art Wrubel, Erick Thohir, Will Smith, and Jada Pinkett Smith

When did Iran become independent?

Iran was always independent since the begging, but its government did change from a monarchy to a republic in 1979

How long has polio been around?

It's been around for as long as we can remember it is nothing new but since it lays dormant for a while who knows it could of progressed into something since the begging

How rare is the Lambroghini Gallardo 2010 hotwheels?

My dad and I collect hot wheels and we have 2 and haven't seen them since the begging of 2010.

What are all of the names of a rhombus?

There are no names for a rohmbus since there is no such thing.

Is begging an economic activity?

Economic activity is defined as actions that involve the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services at all levels within a society. So begging might not be defined as an economic activity, since it does not really affect all levels of society. It's too minute to make a large impact.

What are Suzanne Collins kid's names?

There is no answer since her biography has not listed the names

Do volcanoes get names like tornadoes?

Since most volcanoes are mountains, they usually do have names. Tornadoes do not have names.

Can you give me a sentence using the word 'me'?

My best friend Danny and me were begging our parents to go to the movies since it was a rainy day and there was absolutely nothing else to do.

How old are names?

names have been around since the very begining of life.

What is meaning of shamaila?

It means "Beautiful",its a unique name since it isn't there in top 1000 names of US names list since last 100 years

Why are women names used for hurricanes?

Since 1979, storms and hurricanes have had both male and female names.

Names of prime ministers of India since independence and their date of birth when they became prim minister when they died and till whwn they were on that post?

names of prime ministers since independence day

How long does it take to fly from phila pa to Hawaii?

It really depends since there most likely won't be any non-stop flights to Hawaii from Philadelphia. Because of this you will have a layover somewhere, the duration of which may very greatly from flight to flight.

I have two names and have long since expired Who am I?

Genghis Khan

What does christofer ingle smoke?

sadly; yes. he has been smoking since he was 14. he has had his times for smoking marijuana, at the begging of Never Shout Never but he regrets it and stoped.

Where did the months get their names from?

Most of the months have had their names since ancient Roman times. July and August are named after Roman emperors.

Did hurricanes always have names?

Hurricanes have not always had names. In 1953 the National Hurricane Center began generating lists of names for each hurricane in a given season. Since that time all hurricanes have had names.

What are all the names of zoobles?

It is impossible to say all the names of zoobles since for every animal there are about 20 different colors with different names, so if there are about 35 animals, there would be over 1,000 names!

How long has Charles Barkley being commentating for TNT?

Charles Barkley has served as a commentator and studio analyst for Turner Network Television since 2002. Charles Barkley played for the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, and Houston Rockets during his NBA career.

Give the names of governors of India since 1950?

There have been no Governor Generals in India since 1947, the year of independance.

Names of British Prime ministers since 1920?

list british prime ministers in date order since 1920

Is Jake in two and a half men the same kid since the begging of the show?

yes the show is just soo old that he has grown up himself not haveing a diffrent "older" kid take over