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baseline ;)

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Q: What is the line under the basketball hoop in pro basketball?
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How far is it from the basketball hoop to the half court line on a pro regulation basketball court?

48 feet OH YEAH

How far away is the 3 point line in basketball?

22 feet in the corners and 23.75 feet in front of the hoop(pro mens).

How many feet from the hoop to the 3 pointer line in basketball?

high school is 19 feet and pro is 22 feet but it varies depending on where you measure around the arch - it's not perfect.

Does SKLZ pro mini hoop come with the ball?

Yes, the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop includes a ball.

Are pro basketball and college basketball courts the same size?

The 3 point line is farther on an NBA court.

Can a sklz pro mini hoop break?


Free throw line in pro basketball?

Same as all leagues, 12 feet.

How tall is a basketball hoop in inches?

The rim of an official NBA or NCAA hoop is 10 feet (120 inches) from the floor, although the "droop" of individual nets varies somewhat, and the backboards vary slightly between college and pro.

Basketball sizes college an pro?

basketball sizes for college and pro

Which sport had better television ratings in 2006 - pro football or pro basketball?

I think pro basketball.

When did All-Pro Basketball happen?

All-Pro Basketball happened in 1989.

How high should a basketball net be for a man or boy?

10 feet from floor to rim is the standard for high school, college and pro ball. The hoop is often lower for younger kids. Usually 8 feet is the lowest for organized play. Again from floor to hoop. The net hangs below the hoop and there is no "official" height for it from my understanding. For all players, 10 ft. is what the basketball net should be at.

When was All-Pro Basketball created?

All-Pro Basketball was created in 1989-12.

When was Pro Basketball Writers Association created?

Pro Basketball Writers Association was created in 1973.

What pro played pro basketball and pro baseball?

Danny Ainge

How many years of college does a pro basketball player need?

how many year of study of pro basketball

Why are college and pro basketball periods different?

College isn't experienced more than pro basketball

Who was on the Youngstown pride basketball roster?

they was a pro basketball team

What is the regulation height of a high school basketball hoop?

Height of H.S. basketball hoopsThere is no difference in the height of the hoop between high school, college, and pro basketball. They all use the same 10-foot height. Since a basketball is round, the height of the basketball would also be its diameter. The diameter of a basketball is around 9 inches since there are minor differences in the size of basketball used by organizations (FIBA, NBA, etc).According to the related link below, the maximum circumference of the ball used in FIBA competition is 30.7 inches (78 cm) and in NBA competition is 29 inches.

What are the semi-pro Basketball Regulations and Rules?

can somone play semi pro basketball with hepatitis c virus

When was West Coast Pro Basketball League created?

West Coast Pro Basketball League was created in 2007.

When did basketball go pro?


When did basketball become pro?


Do you have to go to college to be a basketball pro?


Pro baseball players who played pro basketball?

Semour Nipps