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Those lines are baselines, if you are referring to the boundary lines on both sides of the tennis court which run parallel to and are at the greatest distance away from the net.

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Q: What is the line on the ground farthest from the net in tennis?
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Where is the base line on a tennis court?

The Base Line is the Line that ends the doubles alleys. it is the line that is farthest from the net

What are the lines of tennis called?

Just lines. Nothing fancy. Unless you mean... yes. The line farthest to the back is the base line. The line closest to the net is the service line. There you go.

What is the height of the middle of the tennis net?

The tennis net height at the center of the net should be 3' and the post end 3' - 6" above ground.

Where is the service line on a tennis court?

it is the first horizontal line from the net.

What is a baseline for tennis?

The farest line from the net parralell from the net. The server stands behind it.

What is a service line for tennis?

The service line is the line that borders the service box and is parallel to the net.

What law is of motion is when a tennis ball hits a net and falls to the ground?

It is the third law of motion because it has to do with action reaction things. Tennis ball hitting the net is the action, and it falling to the ground is the reaction. I hope this helped.

What is a baseline in volleyball?

The baseline in volleyball is where you would serve from. Or if you don't serve that far back, it is considered the out line. The farthest line from the net.

How big is a tennis net?

Well a tennis net it usally the size if a tennis net soya that's the size\

What is the distance between the net and the base line on a tennis court?

about five or six miles

Badminton vs tennis?

Tennis uses bigger rackets and have different rules. A badmitten racket has a lingetshaft with a small head. Also a badmitten net is up offthe ground unlike a tennis net. Lastly badmitten uses a birdie, not a yellow tennis ball.

What is the length of a tennis net?

A typical tennis net is 42 feet.

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